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At Me, him, the dog and a baby! both John and I post, although the majority will by written by myself. As we’re a family blog I think people need to know bits and pieces about us separately!



I’m a 30 year old English graduate from Nottingham Trent University. I was recently the manager of a soft play area (oh the stories I could tell you) and bowling alley but have had a bit of a change. I now work for a well-known supermarket as it all fits in better with family life.

I’m a bit loud and a bit brash sometimes and I’m not afraid to say things how they are, which has gotten me into trouble a time or two. I blame it on being Northern. However, now that I live in lovely North Norfolk I have to reign that in a little bit sometimes.

My hobbies and interests include:

House, home and interiors

Reading (Regency fiction mostly)

Lazy days with Erin in our PJs!

Dining out

Family friendly days out


John is 33 and works for our local council. Unfortunately, he does work either 5 or 6 days a week so bath and bedtime with Erin is his domain!

John has a love/ hate relationship with fitness and exercise, mostly because he likes chocolate and eating.

John’s hobbies and interests include:




Harry Potter

Star Wars


Erin was born on 1-1-16 (I’ll leave you to figure out her age)! She has completely changed our lives… for the better, of course!

Erin may only be young but she sure has got her own personality already. She has the most gorgeous smile and she seems to know it. She has us both wrapped around her little finger already.

Things Erin likes:

Musical toys

Clothes with lots of patterns on them

Soft feeling items

Fruit – anything sweet!

Morning cuddles


Jackson is our monster of a dog. He’s a white German Shepherd. He may cause us headaches now and again but we wouldn’t change him for the world. He’s nearly 2 years old so still a puppy and extremely playful. Unfortunately, there aren’t many toys that we’ve find suited to a dog like Jackson as he destroys them so fast!

Things Jackson likes:

Tires and footballs he can destroy



Playing Tug o War

If you’re a brand and think you have something to suit any of us, please take a look at our Work With Me Page!

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