Toddler Friendly Holidays In France

It’s no secret that I love holidays. Anyone that knows me could tell you how much I love going away and not having a holiday in 2016 was horrible! For the longest time I have had it in my head that I want to go on holiday to France. I don’t actually really know why either. I have this idea of what a family holiday in France would be like. Whether or not that is how it would be though, is another story altogether. I’m terrible really because I’m always looking at holidays, even if we’re not ready to book

Erin’s 1st Cinema Trip

A couple of weekends ago John and I took Erin on her very first cinema trip. I’d never planned on taking her to the cinema at 18 months old. I think in my head I had thought about it being when Erin was 3 or 4, or something like that. However, when I found out that Paw Patrol would be shown at Vue cinemas, I knew we had to take her. Paw Patrol is Erin’s favourite after all. When we got to the cinema Erin had no idea where we were or what was going on. When we got her

Feeding The Birds And Welcoming Nature

Erin loves being out in the garden. I was never really very outdoorsy as a child, I think because we never had a real garden. We had a concrete area at the back of the house but no plants at all. Maybe this is why bees and wasps scare me so much. I love how much Erin enjoys being outside and I want it to stay that way. Boxwild have recently helped us out with a fantastic way of feeding the birds that may come into our garden. We have started out with the Bird Feeder Gift Box which costs

You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

When I started writing this post, I originally called it ‘Getting Back Into Comping’ but it wouldn’t have been right. You see, I’ve never really been into comping to start with. I have had good intentions in the past of getting into this but never really stuck with it. However, over the past couple of weeks I have been really trying. I recently set up a new email address just for entering competitions. I have also recently set up a new email for the blog. I was sick of absolutely everything coming through to the same account so I figured

Chairs Vs. Your Back

In fact, this title might even be a tad misleading – it’s not like it’s just your back that can struggle from sitting on a chair for too long! Everyone has chairs throughout their home. There are dining room chairs, kitchen chairs, and of course the living room. Our homes are full of them, but how much thought did you actually put in to what you buy? If you’re anything like the vast majority of people when they purchase furniture, it went something like this:   You thought long and hard about what you wanted to buy, then began investigating

Hotel Review: Motel One, Manchester

In April I attended my first ever Blog On Conference. The trip to Manchester from Norfolk was a very long one, especially with a toddler in tow. Actually, John sorted Erin out for the majority of the train journey while I either slept or watched YouTube videos. Having only been to this city once about 10 years ago, I made sure I booked a hotel as close to the train station as possible and that was Motel One Manchester. There aren’t many hotels closer than this, with it being a short walk away. When I say short, it’s across the road.

A Family Trip To Cromer Beach

John and I are very lucky to live where we do. We live in a small town in North Norfolk and we are surrounded by gorgeous beaches. For some reason though, up until last weekend we had never taken Erin to the beach. Well, we took her when she was really little bit she didn’t even touch the sand. We were supposed to spend the day in Great Yarmouth but rearranged due to something that was going on there that day. Not wanting to stay at home, we headed to Cromer which is a short 10 minute train ride away.

Small Space Gardening Solutions

In your dreams, you have a garden that stretches as far as your eye can see. You grow your own fruit and vegetables; can walk through a riot of colour of summer flowers; can inhale the heady fragrance of honeysuckle and jasmine as they climb over your huge potting shed. That’s the dream, anyway – the reality can be very different. How do you cope if you’re a gardener with no garden, or at least, only a very limited space to work in? It’s a reality that many people find themselves facing, especially if they are forced to live in