Picture Book Preview – June

We’re a big book loving family and Erin has got a fantastic library of her own already. Every now and again we’re going to show you some of the books we have been reading lately.   Today I’m showing three different books which have dogs as a main subject. Erin has a big thing about saying ‘woof’ at the moment and Paw Patrol is her favourite cartoon. She gets so excited reading these books and constantly says ‘woof’ while we’re reading them. If your little one is a fan of dogs, or just animals, these are great picks! Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny

What to do when you have too many books?

Up until now I have been absolutely terrible for keeping books. Although I have been better recently in regards to taking books for review, I used to get a lot more and pretty much hoarded them. I knew when John and I moved in together that I had too many and did give some to my mother and sister in law which got rid of a large amount.  But, recently we have been thinking about moving and the type of place we will be renting next. I know I will never have a house big enough to keep everything and

Paperchase Book Journal

My sister knows what I’m like when it comes to lists and being organised as well as understanding my love of books. What better Christmas present to get me than a book journal? Also, she knows I love Paperchase and pretty much anything that comes from there. This book journal is the perfect thing for bloggers and book reviewers of any kind really. The journal is quite nice in size, measuring 210mm x 120mm x 15mm, which makes it easy to fit in most handbags regardless of their size. My handbag is pretty large so it obviously fits in really

Kindle Fire HD – a (hopefully) non-techy review!

For a long time I have been wanting and iPad or the Samsung equivalent. However, with getting married next year neither have been a viable option due to price. When the Kindle Fire was released, I was immediately interested as the price was much more affordable. Before buying a Kindle Fire though, I made sure I weighed up my options and made sure the Kindle would do near enough everything I wanted it to do. No tablet has a great word document feature and all have notes apps but other than that, to me they are all pretty similar. My