Cuckooland Play, Learn & Sleep Bed

I have a bit of an obsession with anything to do with Erin, whether that be her clothes or how her bedroom is set up. I’m always looking for new and exciting products and something that is just a bit different and special. I recently discovered Cuckooland, a website that offers

Our nation’s obsession with Scandinavian style and all things monochrome continues to dominate interior design in 2017, and is reflecting more than ever in children’s rooms, as parents strive to create tasteful spaces that match the rest of the house. But is this what kids really want? A recent study found that a slide is the 2nd most popular feature children want in their room, topped only by a tree house. So, how to make everyone happy? Introducing the beautiful new Play, Learn & Sleep Bed from Danish children’s furniture designer Lifetime. At £595, Play Learn & Sleep is Lifetime’s first affordable feature bed, and includes a climbing ladder with rope, a blackboard along the side, and a slide at the end. Perfectly combining the Scandi style that grown-ups love with the fun that kids crave, we’re not the only ones jumping for joy over this new bed! Cuckooland

Play, Learn & Sleep Bed, £595

This exciting and educational furniture piece is a great way to encourage kids’ imaginations – they’ll love entertaining their friends on their very own playground, scribbling on the blackboard, and quite literally climbing into bed every night!  Ideally suited to transitioning your toddler into a big boy’s or girl’s bed, the ladder and slide can be removed as your child grows to leave a sleek single bed. Made from solid Scandinavian Pine from sustainable forests, this environmentally friendly bed will last a lifetime!


View the new Play, Learn & Sleep range online at here.

What do you think of the bed? I know Erin would love it!

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Weird and wonderful ways to tackle hair loss

I’ve known my husband for 6 years now. I met him when he was 27 and he was losing his hair then. He says it started to go in his early 20s. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s only going to get worse as the years go on. One random evening caused me to look up male hair loss and things that can be done to tackle the issue!

hair loss

Cow Urine

Yep, this is apparently a thing. The cows have to be virgin cows though and the urine has to be drunk before sunrise! A bit picky if you ask me. Luckily, this one happens in India so John won’t be trying it anytime soon.

Bull Semen

I didn’t think it could get much stranger than the cow urine. Where would you even go about getting something like this from? I couldn’t actually find out how you’re supposed to use it either. Do you drink it? Do  you rub it on your head? Who knows?! Good luck if you fancy giving this a try though.

Yeast Infection Cream

Strangely, I don’t think this one is quite as far out there as it should probably be. There is an ingredient in these creams that supposedly blocks the hormone that causes male pattern baldness. The good thing with this one is that directions for use are pretty clear; just don’t follow the instructions on the box! At least this is cheap and easy to get if you feel like giving it a try!

Hair Implants

Everyone remembers when Wayne Rooney went from being bald to having a nearly full head of hair. This was done by having a hair transplant. This this one though, you definitely have to factor in the hair transplant cost because it’s just not as cheap as cow urine!

Do you have any family members who suffer from baldness? Do you think they’d try any crazy remedies to help?

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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

Winter is slowly on its way out and with the first day of spring quickly approaching (20th March) there’s only one thing to do; spring clean! I think in winter I tend to get a bit lazy as the cold weather makes me less inclined to clean. I’d much rather be wrapped up on the couch with my girl, a film and a blanket.

spring clean

Sometimes we need a bit of a a kick up the bum to get going. I’m working with Bed Guru to share my tips for spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Be sure to check the end of this post for Bed Guru’s fantastic giveaway.

Clever Storage

Our spare bedroom is pretty much our ‘junk’ room. My husband would probably call it junk but really it’s all the bits and pieces I sell on Facebay. I have boxes and bags all over and it makes the room look really messy. Furniture with great storage would be a fantastic way of de-cluttering this room. Bed Guru have a fantastic range of divan beds with loads of storage options. The great thing about divans with storage drawers is that you can put loads in them and no one will ever know they’re there! We could certainly do with this in our spare room.

Be strict

Part of having a good spring clean is to be very strict what what you keep and what you don’t. Ask yourself if you’ve used something in the last couple of months. If you haven’t then it’s probably a good time to get rid!

Sell, sell, sell

While you’re in the process of having a good sort out you might as well make a bit of money from it! If you’re going to throw something out but it’s in good condition and could be useful to someone else, try selling it. Selling on local Facebook sites is a great way of earning a bit of extra cash.


I think in order to have a good, proper spring clean you need an action plan. There’s no way I could do our whole house in one day so I would need to come up with a plan of which rooms/ jobs were the most important and work my way down them. The spare bedroom will always be priority number one because it is the room with the most stuff in there!

Bed Guru are giving away a fantastic 4 drawer double divan to help with your spring cleaning! Head over to Facebook and Twitter to enter!*

*Giveaway is open until 27th March.

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Do you know how to heat your home efficiently?

We live in a Victorian semi-detatched house and our heating is absolutely terrible. We don’t have central heating, we have horrendous storage heaters. I hate them with a huge passion. They cost a fortune, they’re not efficient and they’re ugly as hell! We have such a hard time trying to heat our house.


With that in mind, I wanted to tell you about a survey that the people at Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies are conducting. They want to know ‘Do you know how to heat your home efficiently?’ There are only 10 questions so it’s super quick and easy to fill out. They’d love it if you could spend a couple of minutes filling it out.

I honestly don’t think I know nearly enough about heating a house and the survey really opened my eyes to a few things. I knew that there was such a thing as underfloor heating but I didn’t know that there was an electric option and a water option. I think I kind of figured it was all done by electricity.

I also wouldn’t have any idea about what would be more expensive out of radiators, water underfloor heating or electric underfloor heating. I imagine underfloor heating maybe not costing as much as I think it might.

Unfortunately, I do know that we’re not heating our house efficiently. Until we can afford a new boiler and central heating we’re doomed!

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How do you keep your kids entertained?

This week is half term in many places around the UK and, seeing as it’s Friday already, I bet a lot of you are pulling your hair out. It’s not easy to keep little people entertained for a whole week when they’re not at school, especially if you have more than 1!


I don’t know if I can say I’m lucky or not really but we don’t have half terms. Erin is only 13 months old and doesn’t start nursery until January. Even then, she’ll be going for 51 weeks of the year until she moves up into reception. Anyway, I have to keep Erin entertained all day every day!

I always wonder what other people do with their children all day. Rattan Direct want to know the same thing! They’re asking the question ‘How do you keep your kids entertained?’in a SURVEY and they’d love for you to help them out with some answers!

Parents do loads of different things to keep their children entertained and I think a lot of that depends on age. Rattan Direct are asking about use of technology in a couple of questions. For us, this doesn’t really come into how I entertain Erin. While she may like to carry my phone from one end of the room to the other, she doesn’t know how to use it! The most Erin gets is some cartoons in the morning after breakfast!

The survey only has 11 questions and will only take a couple of minutes to fill in. I would personally love to know how you entertain your children!

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Clothes for Comfort from Chums

It is safe to say that when you have children a lot of things change. There is certainly a lot of running around in our house now and neither John and I are getting any younger. Now, don’t get me wrong, neither of us think of ourselves as old. We’re only just over 30. However, some things need changing to suit our lifestyle and one of those things is clothes. Not only do we have less money to spend on clothes now but we also have different needs. Comfort is the key! We’ve recently been looking at mens clothing online from Chums to see what they have to offer!


John is 6’1 and has always had a problem with the length of t-shirts and jumpers. Generally, if he tends to buy from places with lower priced clothes they tend to be quite short. T-shirts especially ride up when he sits down. A badly fitting t-shirt is not comfortable at all, especially if you’re out and about or at baby classes. No one wants a view of a backside when playing with their children! Chums offer clothes that have flattering fits and a wide range of sizes, perfect for John who needs an XL.

John is also not your straight up and down kind of guy. He likes his food and he doesn’t get to work out as much as he would like. You get my point. This, again, makes finding clothes that fit John well quite difficult. Being the age he is means that clothes from certain high street stores are not designed for men like him. Chums offer a really good range of trouser options that are both smart, affordable and come in loads of different fits.

There is really no need to buy ill-fitting clothes, or clothes that look horrible just because they fit well, when places like Chums offer clothes that both fit and look really nice!

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How to Increase Your Property’s Value

When we started to look for the first home we would buy together we were looking for something that would suit us for a very long time. I found the whole process of buying a house really stressful and I hated losing out on houses I loved. So, we bought a house big enough to be a forever house. However, the only way we could afford it was to buy it as the fixer upper it was (and still is)! While I was looking forward to having a project, I was also looking at ways that we could increase our property’s value. Balustrade Components have come up with this great infographic to show how you could increase your property’s value

How to Increase Your Property’s Value

Increase Your Property’s Value

Although we haven’t done even a quarter of the work that needs doing in our house, I’m glad some bits we’ve done will be worth it in the long run. One of the first jobs we did was the completely clear the garden, both front and back, to make them neat and tidy! We’ve also had new fences and some decking installed!

The next big job for us is central heating and a new boiler but after that it’s a bathroom upstairs and a new kitchen. I know these will be jobs that increase the value of our home in the long run because right now, they’re terrible! An extension would definitely add some value but we are a very long way off being able to afford that, or even a conservatory!

What jobs would you like to get done to increase your property’s value?!

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The Best Office Furniture

When we bought our house we picked a doer upper.  I had always planned on one part of our living room/ dining room being a library seeing as we have so many books. However, Erin pulls at things now so we’ve had to change this. All of the books are in the loft and I have a bit of an open space to consider. My little space is now going to be turned into my very own office!This means that I have to figure out what furniture to put in there and I’ve spent some time looking for the best office furniture and Furniture@Work have some great options.

Office desk


This desk comes from the Value Line Classic range and currently costs £154. This would be absolutely ideal for me. Storage is something I don’t have much of right now and the drawers on either side would hold so much for me, from stationery to items for review!

Furniture@Work conducted a survey recently and a whopping 44.3% of people said that a desk was their top priority for office furniture. I don’t blame them really!

Office chair

Furniture At Work office furniture

Comfort is highest on the list of needs when it comes to an office chair. At the minute, I’m used to sitting on the sofa and working each night and that’s really not good for me. The Skye Executive chair looks really well padded and with nice arm rests. This would do me nicely.


Something I am a massive fan of is a whiteboard or a memo board. One of those big, felt covered boards would be absolutely perfect for my office. It would help me to stay organised as well as keeping things in view so I didn’t forget about them.

Tray furniture would also be really high up on my list of the best office furniture to have for me. I love to be organised and I would hate for something to go missing so something like this would give me loads of space for putting press releases, invoices etc.

what do you think is the most important piece of office furniture?

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New Year, New You: Films that will beat the January blues!

Last year I think I spent far too much time being serious and probably a bit gloomy. I know that a lot of that was due to Erin’s birth and the complications that went with it. However, this year I am determined to let go of that feeling and the saying New Year, New You is what I want to stick to.

new year

In order to do this, I want to lighten up a bit more and watch more fun films. My guilty pleasure really is musicals. I have quite a nice collection but I recently realised that there are quite a few I haven’t seen. If you feel like trying something different and following the New Year, New You statement, why not head to Amazon to see what you can find.

These are what I plan to watch over the next couple of months!


The Bodyguard stars Houston as a pop-music diva (now there’s a stretch) and Kevin Costner as the stern bodyguard who is assigned to protect her after the singer receives some nasty death threats. Pop star and bodyguard don’t hit it off at first, but they wear down each others’ defenses, and before long Houston is baring her tonsils with a rousing rendition of the Dolly Parton chestnut “I Will Always Love You.”

A Star is Born

A remake of the 1937 classic, this time as a musical about a Hollywood couple going through bad times. Would-be singer Esther Blodgett (Judy Garland) finds herself taken under the wing of fading star Norman Maine (James Mason) when she saves him from making a drunken fool of himself on stage. Changing her name to Vicki Lester, Esther becomes a star, and is soon married to Norman. However, as Vicki’s star rises, so Norman’s falls. Harold Arlen/Ira Gershwin songs include ‘The Man That Got Away’.

Annie Get Your Gun

Long unavailable due to legal complications with the estate of Irving Berlin, this classic MGM musical stars Betty Hutton as backwoods sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Plucked out of obscurity by Buffalo Bill (Louis Calhern), the rough-edged Annie is groomed for a leading role in Bill’s world famous Wild West show. However, Annie has a rival in the form of rifleman Frank Butler (Howard Keel), a man she soon falls in love with. Features the songs ‘Anything You Can Do’ and ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’.

Calamity Jane

Doris Day stars in this lighthearted musical about the famous female sharpshooter, who would rather hit targets than chase men – until she falls for ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok (Howard Keel), who would rather shoot Indians than chase after a tomboy like Calamity Jane.


The Jule Styne/Stephen Sondheim musical follows the career of Gypsy Rose Lee from a young woman to 1930s burlesque headliner. Louise (Natalie Wood) is the young girl who is forced into the limelight by her theatrical mother Rose (Rosalind Russell) and becomes the celebrated stripper Gypsy. Karl Malden won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Herbie, a man who falls in love with Rose – and later regrets it.

new year

I can’t wait to kick off the New Year with one of these. Do you have any recommendations for which I should start with?

be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter account for a competition to win these dvds!

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Bidvine: finding local service professionals

Being a homeowner and a parent means that there is always something that need doing, whether that be a room decorating, something plumbing in or photos needing to be taken! Up until recently, I wouldn’t have even known where to start when looking for someone to do something like this. Luckily, Bidvine offer a fantastic service of finding people for you!


Something I love about Bidvine is how detailed thing are when you’re putting in your request. When I searched for a photographer, I got loads of different options; baby, headshot, wedding, engagement, pet photography etc. You also then get to say whether the shoot needs to be indoors, outdoors or in a studio. You can choose what kind of products you want and state your budget. I really feel as though all options have been thought of and are taken into account before your request goes off!

Once you send off your request you then sit back and wait for your responses! You can expect for these to come in anywhere between 12 hours and 4 days!

For me, Bidvine takes out a lot of the stress of finding someone to do the jobs you need doing! It also gives you the opportunity to pick and choose who you would like to do the specified job based on their responses. It also means not having multiple strangers in your house to come and give you quotes!

As a busy parent, I don’t have time to do everything myself and I know I’ll be using Bidvine to help me find people to do loads of jobs I either can’t do myself or just don’t want to do myself!

You don’t have to commit to any responses to your request if you don’t feel they’re the right fit for you. Give it a go and see if you can find someone to do one of the jobs you put off in 2016 and get it finished this year!

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