Solo naps and how to spend the time!

Erin is 17 months old and something big happened this month. She now naps on her own! I’ll get to why soon but right now, I’m dealing with solo naps and how to spend the time! Erin was born by emergency section and I ended up with a 2nd surgery a week later. Due to this, my recovery was super slow and I couldn’t really get up and about a lot with Erin during those first couple of months. She hated her moses basket during the day so I ended up letting her sleep on me. I sort of never

Tuff Tray Play: Playdoh

It’s been a couple of months now since we’ve had our Tuff Tray. I hate to say it but we haven’t used it nearly enough. However, not long ago we did try to introduce Erin to Playdoh and this is how it went! Seeing as Erin had never seen or played with Playdoh before we didn’t go for anything too complicated. In fact, I did the most simple thing I could think of. I gave Erin a tub of Playdoh and let her figure it out. Erin was very unsure about the Playdoh to start off with. She was more

Ditching the high chair

Erin was born premature which meant that a regular high chair was far too big for her when we started weaning. I spent ages and ages looking at other options and I finally decided on the Chicco Polly Magic High Chair. This was amazing for Erin when she was still so small but over the last four or five months maybe, she’s really grown to hate it. I have no idea why. The minute you put her in it she got annoyed, cried and sometimes even screamed. It has made meal times quite hard at times. Sometimes she would flat

Erin 14 month update!

Wow. Where did February go? I can’t believe it’s March already and Erin is 14 months old already. Here’s how she’s been doing over the last month. Movement Last month Erin really learned how to walk/ Since then, she hasn’t stopped. She runs around like a little maniac now. She’s very independent and is quite happy to run around the house on her own and doesn’t like it if you hover over her. Not only is Erin running around but she’s climbing as well. The other week I went for a wee (our toilet is under the stairs) and left

Kids’ Prints Tree & Owl Wall Sticker

Something John and I have been working on this month is finally getting Erin’s bedroom completely finished. We’re not there yet but furniture has been ordered and a handyman has been booked to do a few bits. The walls not taken up by furniture were looking quite bare though and seeing as the room is already very neutral, I felt like it needed something that stood out. Luckily, Kids’ Prints were there to help us out! Erin’s bedroom has a woodland theme so I had to pick the Abstract Tree with 3 Owls. This wall sticker comes in three different

Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat & Section Plate

As a Nuby UK brand rep we love trying out different and new products. Sometimes we get one product in particular that we absolutely love. Just recently we’ve been trying something new with Erin at meal times and we’ve been using the Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat. We have had a different suction mat in the past but it’s really big and takes up a lot of space. This one has a much better design because it’s compact and easy to take anywhere with you. The size of the Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat is perfect as it means we can take

Baby proofing nightmare

When you get pregnant and people tell you that you’re going to need to do some baby proofing the house, I don’t think you’re ever really prepared for what that means. We were lucky I think and we were able to go months and months without really making any major changes around the house.¬†Erin has never really crawled so we didn’t have to worry about that. Instead, she went straight to pulling herself up onto the couch and walking around like that. Now though, she’s nearly 14 months old and she’s running around like a crazy thing. No where is

Tommee Tippee Essentials

Just before Christmas we were sent a fantastic selection of products by Tommee Tippee. January was a very busy month and it took us a little while to try some of these out. Here’s what we thought:   first cutlery set I was a bit apprehensive about letting Erin use this set. Even though she has been trying to feed herself with normal weaning spoons for quite a while she has never had a proper set of cutlery and these have a really different feel to them, and they’re heavier than she’s used to. However, she’s taken to them a