Making Bath Time Fun & Giveaway

Erin has had a bit of a strange relationship with bath time in her 10 months. When she was newborn she absolutely hated baths. She would scream so loud that next door heard her. Then, she started to realise baths could be fun and that she could splash about. Now it’s all changed again!

In an attempt to make bath time more fun for Erin we turned to NubyUK for some help.

The first bath toys we tried were the Nuby Squirters Bath Time Toys. These are suitable from 3 months and cost £7.99 for a pack of 8. The squirters are a range of bright, colourful water animals that can squirt out water from their mouths.

Erin seems to favour the purple octopus but the blue shark is definitely my favourite!

Next up is the Baby Bath Foam Letters & Numbers By Nuby. These are aimed at children a bit older than Erin so I was slightly worried that she wouldn’t care too much about them. I was wrong though!

Erin loved chomping on the letters and numbers, and also chasing them around the bubbles. The other night John was placing them on the side of the bath and Erin was pulling them all off again!

Erin’s bath times have become a lot more fun since we started letting her have these toys to play with. She doesn’t cry quite as much apart from when she has to get out!

The lovely people at Nuby have provided a fabulous bath bundle for us to giveaway to one lucky reader!


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T&C: Entrants must be 18 or over and live in the UK. The winner will be drawn on 7th November and will have 48 hours to respond to our email. If there is no response in this time another winner will be chosen. All entries will be checked.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with NubyUK as part of our role as a brand rep. However, all opinions are our own. 

Babease: Food for babies, not baby food!

When it comes to food for Erin, I’m always trying new things with her. While I do cook quite a lot at home, I also use a mix of jars and pouches that we buy in. One of the newest brands on the market is Babease.


Babease are different from other brands because they pride themselves on their brand message: Food for babies, not baby food! This is what drew me to them in the first place. When you think of baby food, you think of orange mush. That’s definitely not what Babease do.

Spaghetti Bolognaise or Cheesy Pasta are not flavours you’ll find in the range on offer. Instead, you’ll find flavours such as ‘sweet potato & pear with coconut water, brown rice & quinoa’ or ‘chickpea, pumpkin, tomato & coconut cream with herbs & mild masala’. I LOVE to experiment with Erin’s meals and I think that Babease really help me to do that.

Our first taste was a ‘parsnip, carrot and pear’ pouch, as we started off quite safe! Erin had a good look at the organic ingredients in the pouch before deciding that yes, it was okay for her to eat!

The Babease range is:

100% Organic

No added salt

No added sugar

No Dairy

Gluten Free

Suitable for vegetarians


With new foods, Erin can sometimes be a little weary. Not this time around! She scoffed down the whole pouch without a second thought. I had to squeeze every last bit out and even then she wasn’t happy because there wasn’t any more.




Babease have flavours suitable from both 4 months and 7 months. Erin loves both ranges! We’re working our way through the different flavours now and there hasn’t been any that Erin hasn’t loved so far.


We are absolutely converted. These pouches are so different from what we have been buying in but they flavour combinations are much more exciting and different! If Erin is happy then so am I!

You can find somewhere that stocks Babease HERE!

Disclaimer: We were sent items from Babease for review. All opinions are our own! 

Momosiki Clothing

When it comes to Erin’s clothes, her wardrobe is a real mix of brands. While I love certain high street ranges, I am also always on the look out for something different. We also very much like a woodland themed item of clothing. When I came across Momosiki I was an instant fan!


The first item that caught my eye was this stunning blue, bird print dress. Erin really suits bright colours which is why I was drawn to this.




I love how bright the dress is and the colour is perfect on Erin. I think it really brings out the blue of her eyes even more! The dress is so soft and lovely and thick. It’s perfect for Autumn and the bird detail on the front is really cute!

Carrying on with the bird theme, I went for the Pink Long Sleeve Bird Print Wrap Bodysuit MARTINET. Erin has a few pairs of leggings/ jeans that I like to pair with a nicer bodysuit, something that’s not completely plain. This bodysuit is perfect for this.




The material is just as soft as the dress! The detail is also beautiful. The bodysuit’s bird print is soft and feminine but I also really like the darker accents within it.

Last up is something I HAD to have! I have a big thing about foxes as it’s my Mum’s maiden name. Erin has loads of things with foxes on and a few fox soft toys. I’m like a magpie for fox related items.





This is one of my favourite sleepsuits for Erin now and I put her in it as often as I can. Momosiki’s clothes are some of the softest that Erin has. As this sleepsuit is so soft, Erin is really comfortable in it. We have this in 9-12m so it’s a little bit big for Erin at the moment because she has little legs. However, this doesn’t stop me from putting her in it. At least I know she’s going to fit in it for quite some time.

I can’t wait to add to our Momosiki collection. There is loads more that I’d love for Erin and I’m already looking forward to what they’ll have for Spring/ Summer next year!





Disclaimer: We were sent these items for review but all opinions are our own.

Erin’s Terrible Tantrums

Okay, so maybe the tantrums are not as terrible as the title may make it sound.


Erin is now 9 months old and has somehow learned how to throw a bit of a tantrum. I have absolutely no idea how babies or children learn this.

Just recently Erin has started to get really upset and annoyed if I tell her she can’t have something or take something away from her. It could even be because I’m trying to feed her, or if the food has run out! The biggest one at the minute is because I won’t let her chew on my new necklace!

I know there is probably no real way of stopping your child from throwing a tantrum but god, I hope Erin grows out of it quick. I have absolutely no idea how to approach it considering she’s only 9 months old. One of the problems is that I know she won’t understand any of this for quite some time. Sometimes I try to distract her straight afterwards by doing something else or singing to her.

I really thought that this kind of thing would come later on, maybe after she was 1 at least. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to happen at 9 months old. I know that I had tantrums as a child so I hope that this isn’t something she gets from me.

Is there any advice you can give me on tantrums and how to help children get over it quickly?

The influence of a best friend

A good while back now I wrote about Erin making best friends at such a young age. As we go to quite a few baby classes we get to see some people and their children more than others. Someone we see a lot is Megan and Noah, Erin’s best friend.


Erin trying to kiss Noah

Now that Erin and Noah are coming up to being 9 months old they really seem to recognise one another. For weeks Erin has immediately wanted to get to Noah when she has realised he was there. Back in July she would try to climb over me to get to him. Now, at the end of September, she can actually climb over me!


Getting ready for swimming

We go swimming together every Monday and since the beginning of term a few weeks ago, things have begun to change. Noah is a little monkey and LOVES to splash as soon as he gets in the water. Erin was never really bothered about splashing but now she is. She sees Noah splashing and copies! It would be absolutely adorable if Megan and I didn’t get drenched!

I love that Erin already has a friend like Noah, even if he does try to grab her head every now and again! Erin has already started to borrow Noah’s clothes. I was at least 14 before I started borrowing boy’s clothes!


Wearing Noahs jeans

When these two get a bit older and are more mobile I can imagine what they’ll be like. I can see in my head them running around holding hands (they do this already) and causing havoc. These two are cheeky little things on their own so together they could be dangerous.


Holding hands back in May

I really hope these two stay like this for a while longer before driving Megan and I a bit more mad!

Missing Milestones

As Erin was born premature I thought she would be behind on milestones for a long time.


It turns out that I needn’t have worried. Not really anyway.

Erin has been cruising along nicely and hitting every milestone so far… even the non-sleeping ones! In comparison to her peers, Erin has been doing things at roughly the same time and some things a bit earlier. I think that’s really good going especially considering HVs still class her as being 3 weeks younger than she actually is.

The thing that has me curious at the minute is crawling. I think Erin may skip it altogether. Apparently I didn’t crawl so it’s definitely possible. At the minute Erin wants to be stood up all the time! She is so happy to be stood while we hold her hands. However, she shows no interest in crawling really.

Erin has never really liked Tummy Time. Now that she will at least tolerate it, I feel as though I don’t do it enough with her. Jackson plays a large part in this. Our living room floor does get covered in dog hair throughout the day. Jackson also gets super interested when she’s on the floor and wants to be a part of everything. We’ve sort of mastered her sitting and playing in the drawer (easily pleased) but moving around? Not so much!


I have tried encouraging Erin to move or push herself up while on the floor (in her bedroom) but she shows a clear dislike. It would seem as though Erin is going to skip the pushing up and crawling milestones. I think my arms are going to ache from holding her up so much if this is what she wants to do now!

Did your child miss any milestones?

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether Review

Erin has been getting so bored of her regular toys just recently so I’ve been on a mission to find her something new that didn’t cost a fortune. I have a couple of Nuby toys already but didn’t buy them myself so I had no idea what they cost. On a recent trip to Boots though I found out that the brand is extremely reasonable!

Nuby teether

The Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether cost £4.19 from my local Boots store but it can also be found online from various shops. It can, however, be purchased on Amazon as an add on item for only £3.

The Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether is a brightly coloured teether which is shaped like a necklace. It is certainly larger than any other teether I have bought for Erin in the past. The teether is about 13cm in diameter. It is so large that my husband likes to have Erin wear it as a crown or a headband. She also manages to get it over her legs which causes a lot of frustration!

This teether, unlike others, is designed to help both the cutting of teeth and to help sore and painful gums. I didn’t even know you could get teethers that helped to cut in teeth! Erin has one trying to come through now though so I thought that this would be perfect for her.


I love the design of the teether. It is made up of different beads which come in various shapes and sizes. The material is BPA free so it’s nice and safe for babies. The beads come in different textures as well as shapes and Erin has already shown preference to some over others. There are also cute little animal beads as well such as a bee and a butterfly. For some reason, I do think this comes across as a bit girly but maybe it’s just me thinking that.


Erin is addicted to this thing at the moment. She hardly ever wants to put it down. We pretty much have to take it everywhere we go now. For the price, this teether is amazing and I am so happy we bought it.

The sacrifices we make

My mum came to stay recently and we got to talking about the classes that Erin attends during the week. A friend had asked how we manage to afford so many classes. As a mum themselves, she knows they don’t come cheap!


Currently, Erin goes to four different baby classes each week. These are as follows:

Monday – Swimming (£91 a term; about 12 weeks)

Tuesday – Baby Yoga (£30 for 6 weeks)

Wednesday – Music in Motion (£40 for 12 weeks)

Friday – Baby Sensory (£70 for 10 weeks)

For roughly 12 weeks of everything that comes to a massive £261! Now, as we have just finished the summer holidays most of this has had to be paid within a week or two of each other. That’s a massive dent in the finances when only one of us is working and the other gets crappy maternity leave pay.

Now, before anyone thinks so, I am not in any way complaining about spending this money on Erin. 

What this post is about really is the thing we give up as parents to give our children the best starts in life. As a premature baby, Erin had a bit of catching up to do. Health visitors said she would be behind with the ‘normal’ milestones. So, what I did was put Erin into as many classes to help her development as possible. Now at nearly 9 months old Erin is not behind in any way whatsoever. She’s a bit short but I don’t think that’s ever going to change!

Since Erin was born I haven’t had my nails done (although I have just won to get them done). I have had my hair cut once and my mum paid for that as a birthday present back in March. Any clothes I have bought for myself have been in a sale. I’ve had 3 times out on my own; 2 were blogging events. John and I haven’t been out for a meal together since Erin was born. I do, however, go for lunch a couple of times with some friends which costs me a whopping £6 for a panini, chips and a drink.

It’s not just me that makes sacrifices though. John definitely goes without too. Jackson too actually come to think of it. He hasn’t had nearly as many good treats since Erin was born although that’s probably not a bad thing.

Now, I have to think that John and I going out for a meal in the city, costing £15 for the train and then £25+ for a meal could go on much more important things. That’s a whole payment for Music in Motion. It’s nearly half of a term of swimming lessons. Obviously when you think that a nice meal that costs the same as 6 swimming lessons, it can change your mind really easily.

I would give up every single one of these things over and over again for Erin. Going out now and again would be wonderful but seeing how well Erin is doing means absolutely everything to me.

Music in Motion

Last week Erin started a new class, Music in Motion. This class is held at a local leisure center and we have been waiting months and months for a place!

Music in Motion

Unfortunately, a soft play center sort of local got flooded a little while back and since have decided to close down. Music in Motion used to do 2 classes there but have now added them in at my local leisure center. While it’s a terrible thing to have happened, it was the only reason why we now have a space in the class. We had been on the waiting list for 7 months.

As you can probably tell by the name of the class, it is based around music. Erin has loved music in the other classes we do, which is why I wanted a space in this one so much. Each class has a theme and in our first, we took an imaginary trip to the farm. We sang a song about a train journey, along with actions. We learned about different animals and the noises they make. We sang about Incy Wincy Spider. We played with musical instruments and bounced balls off a big parachute.

Erin was amazed the whole time! She loved it! I honestly don’t think I’ve heard her giggle so much through a class. She was a bit tired and grumpy towards the end but that was only because it was nearly time for lunch.

This class for us is on a Wednesday morning (45 minutes) and it costs £40 for 12 weeks. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than everything else we attend. However, there is a larger age range and Erin was one of the youngest in her session. The bigger children running around and sort of clambering around over/ around her was annoying. However, I think now I know what to expect I can sit in a better place/ be ready for it.

I think this is fantastic class and, while not a lot different to other activities, the price is good and Erin really liked it!

Time without Daddy

Last week John’s Nan passed away and this meant he had to go to Ireland for her funeral. He went Friday lunchtime and won’t be back until nearly midnight tonight so pretty much four and a half days. This has been Erin’s longest time without Daddy.

The first couple of days were not so bad. My mum was visiting anyway so I had some help which was fantastic. However, when it came to bedtime Erin struggled without John. He does bath and bed most days and the first night she really struggled to get to sleep. Sunday night was horrendous. After 11 times of going up to her I gave up and brought her downstairs. She went to sleep fine as long as I was holding her. The minute I put her down the screaming happened.

Time without Daddy

On Saturday John phoned and wanted to speak to Erin on the phone. Massive mistake. She turned her head to the phone, looking all excited at hearing her Daddy’s voice. She tried to find him. When she realised he wasn’t there she was so upset which then made me upset. I was a crying mess. No more phone calls!

Not only was this the first time Erin and John had been away from each other for a longish period of time but John and I are very rarely apart for more than a day. Since we’ve been married I think the longest is two nights.  I hated every minute of it. 

I know that John has hated being away just as much. If I let him, I think John would wake Erin up at midnight when he gets home. He’ll just have to settle for me instead I think.

What’s the longest you and your children have been apart? How did you cope if it was for quite some time?