Happy Anniversary to my husband

Happy 3rd Anniversary Husband. Where has the time gone!? 3 years ago today we were are that beautiful house in Florida getting married. All we cared about was each other, the sun shining down on us and me wearing sandals under my wedding dress! Then you locked us out of our hotel room and I stood there sweltering in my dress. I was less than impressed but quickly forgave you. I had just married you after all! I don’t think either of us would have imagined being where we are now, on our 3 year anniversary.  We’ve bought our own house and we have

The sacrifices we make

My mum came to stay recently and we got to talking about the classes that Erin attends during the week. A friend had asked how we manage to afford so many classes. As a mum themselves, she knows they don’t come cheap! Currently, Erin goes to four different baby classes each week. These are as follows: Monday – Swimming (£91 a term; about 12 weeks) Tuesday – Baby Yoga (£30 for 6 weeks) Wednesday – Music in Motion (£40 for 12 weeks) Friday – Baby Sensory (£70 for 10 weeks) For roughly 12 weeks of everything that comes to a massive £261! Now, as we have

Time without Daddy

Last week John’s Nan passed away and this meant he had to go to Ireland for her funeral. He went Friday lunchtime and won’t be back until nearly midnight tonight so pretty much four and a half days. This has been Erin’s longest time without Daddy. The first couple of days were not so bad. My mum was visiting anyway so I had some help which was fantastic. However, when it came to bedtime Erin struggled without John. He does bath and bed most days and the first night she really struggled to get to sleep. Sunday night was horrendous.

Man’s best friend

John is always telling me that he’s not anyone’s favourite. Obviously I love everyone in my family in different ways. John knows there is this special bond between Erin and I that he can’t compete with sometimes. Just recently Erin has been really needy because she’s been ill and has only wanted me and John has felt left out. I thought I’d write about John’s best friend Jackson! John may not think so but Jackson really does love him best. Jackson has had a few issues with figuring out who the pack leader is, especially since I have been on

Family Friendly Norfolk: Harriet’s Cafe Tearooms

This Family Friendly Norfolk post is all about Harriet’s Cafe Tearooms in Norwich. On 8th July, while my mum was here to stay for the week, my sister came up from London for the day. We all love afternoon tea and had walked by this place the last time we were all together. We’d made the plan in advance to see what this place was like. I called in advance the day before to book a table, letting them know at the time that we would have a pram with us. Our table was booked for 12:30 but we arrived

Grandma’s Visit

Last week we had a visit from Erin’s Grandma. I’m originally from Grimsby, where my mum still lives. She doesn’t drive so it takes her about 6 hours and a pretty expensive train ticket (there are never any cheap advance tickets) to get to us. It doesn’t matter though. On nearly every one of her weeks off from work she comes down to see us and to spend some time with Erin. We had such a fun week and did some really exciting things with Erin. Tuesday didn’t quite go to plan as Erin has been teething so we didn’t

Drink more water: Begin at home

Robinsons set up the Enjoying Drinking More Water campaign in January of this year to help children stay refreshed after active play. I honestly believe that the best way to get children to drink more water is if they see their parents, or other adults, doing it as well. Over the past few (quite a few) years I have got into a really bad habit of drinking too much Coca Cola. It all started when I lived in Toronto, Canada. I was really  surprised to see that they don’t seem to have any kind of squash products for drinks. I used

Family Friendly Norfolk

Family Friendly Norfolk is going to be a semi regular feature from now on. Since having Erin I have realised that so many places are not family/ child friendly at all, the main offender being the town where I live. The pavements are super narrow or non-existent in places, 95% of the shops in town have massive steps into them which are just impossible with a pram, especially when you’re also trying to open the door at the same time. It’s not just towns and shops though but restaurants too. Some places just don’t have the space for a pram