Takeaways and Tantrums

A couple of weeks ago I have to admit that I had a bit of a strop. My husband would  say I was being silly and that I overreacted. Of course, I turned to the blogging community to see what they thought. Before I go on to let you know what other bloggers have had happen, I need to say what my little tantrum was all about. I work for a well known supermarket who sells hot pizzas. I work on that counter and since then, I have become quite picky about what pizza I have. I sent John across

Restaurant Review: Bubba Gump Shrimp

Normally when John and I go to London, especially now we have Erin, we tend to eat at the same places. We like to pick places that we know are family friendly so that there are no surprises. However, on our most recent trip to London we decided to be brave and try somewhere new; Bubba Gump Shrimp. We arrived at about 4:15 for our table booked at 4:30 and the restaurant was pretty quiet. I guess we were quite early for a ‘normal’ dinner time but with Erin we need to eat quite early! We were shown to a

Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen, Norwich

When I lived in Nottingham while I was at university one of my favourite places to eat was a buffet restaurant called Peachy Keens. It was an all you can eat ‘everything’ kind of place and since moving away, I’ve missed it. I was so excited when I found out a Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen was opening in Norwich as it’s a very similar thing. Me, John and Erin all headed into Norwich for the day for my birthday last month and headed to Cosmo for when it opened at midday. It was a Sunday and I don’t think I

The Library Restaurant, Norwich

I absolutely love finding new restaurants to go to when we go into Norwich. My sister and her fiance visit roughly every 6-8 weeks and we love to go out for lunch. John recently found us The Library Restaurant, even though unfortunately, he didn’t make the meal in the end! We had our table booked for 12pm as Erin came with us. She gets very grizzly when she’s hungry. No idea who she takes after there! When we arrived, we were shown to our table and asked if we wanted some chips brought over for Erin straight away so she

Ditching the high chair

Erin was born premature which meant that a regular high chair was far too big for her when we started weaning. I spent ages and ages looking at other options and I finally decided on the Chicco Polly Magic High Chair. This was amazing for Erin when she was still so small but over the last four or five months maybe, she’s really grown to hate it. I have no idea why. The minute you put her in it she got annoyed, cried and sometimes even screamed. It has made meal times quite hard at times. Sometimes she would flat

Meal Plan Monday: Mummy to Dex

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan. This week we have Nicola from Mummy to Dex writing about what works for her family! Before our little baba was growing in my belly, we did not meal plan at all. We mainly lived on takeaways and ready meals and I rarely cooked from scratch. More often than not, I would buy blindly in the supermarket and decide on the night what I would cook. I would always forget to get meat out to defrost and when I did remember, I would change my

Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat & Section Plate

As a Nuby UK brand rep we love trying out different and new products. Sometimes we get one product in particular that we absolutely love. Just recently we’ve been trying something new with Erin at meal times and we’ve been using the Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat. We have had a different suction mat in the past but it’s really big and takes up a lot of space. This one has a much better design because it’s compact and easy to take anywhere with you. The size of the Nuby SureGrip Miracle Mat is perfect as it means we can take

For Aisha Stage 3 Pouches

Since we started weaning with Erin at 4 months old she has loved food. So far we have only discovered one food that she will not eat and that is sprouts. Unlike me, Erin seems to love foods with stronger flavours. One of her absolute favourite meals is the For Aisha Jamaican Jerk Chicken. However, now that Erin is nearly 14 months old, she needs more food in a meal and something with a bit more too it. For Aisha now have a range of Stage 3 Pouches and Erin was lucky enough to try them out. Something that annoys