Cleaning Up The Garden With FFX

We are very lucky to have a large garden. We have a decent sized patio, a 10ft x 10ft piece of decking and a whole lot of lawn. Our rabbits have a hutch each after trying to kill one another a couple of years ago and they are massive! Not only do the rabbits take up a lot of room but we also need somewhere to keep their food, straw and hay! Just recently we’ve had some help cleaning up with garden from FFX. The first item on my shopping list was somewhere to store everything that the rabbits need

Chairs Vs. Your Back

In fact, this title might even be a tad misleading – it’s not like it’s just your back that can struggle from sitting on a chair for too long! Everyone has chairs throughout their home. There are dining room chairs, kitchen chairs, and of course the living room. Our homes are full of them, but how much thought did you actually put in to what you buy? If you’re anything like the vast majority of people when they purchase furniture, it went something like this:   You thought long and hard about what you wanted to buy, then began investigating

Tips for buying furniture online when you don’t drive!

It’s no secret that I buy and sell things on local Facebook selling groups quite often. I’ve written posts in the past about how to make the most of them and I stick to those bits of advice myself. As someone who doesn’t drive though, I find it really difficult to always buy everything I would like to. There have been so many times where I have seen a really nice piece of furniture that I’ve fallen in love with. Buying furniture online is a nightmare though if you’re someone who can’t drive. We don’t have family close by who

Choosing the perfect bed for a dream bedroom

At the moment, Erin’s bedroom is very neutral. I started decorating way before she was born and also before we knew that she would be a girl. Her walls are a sort of truffle colour and her furniture is white. I went with white because I knew that it would match any theme we choose later down the line. Now that Erin FINALLY sleeps on her own, we are faced with moving her from a cot to a cot bed. This has gotten me thinking about how I would like her room to be when she’s a bit older! When

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

Winter is slowly on its way out and with the first day of spring quickly approaching (20th March) there’s only one thing to do; spring clean! I think in winter I tend to get a bit lazy as the cold weather makes me less inclined to clean. I’d much rather be wrapped up on the couch with my girl, a film and a blanket. Sometimes we need a bit of a a kick up the bum to get going. I’m working with Bed Guru to share my tips for spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Be sure to check the end of

Ditching the high chair

Erin was born premature which meant that a regular high chair was far too big for her when we started weaning. I spent ages and ages looking at other options and I finally decided on the Chicco Polly Magic High Chair. This was amazing for Erin when she was still so small but over the last four or five months maybe, she’s really grown to hate it. I have no idea why. The minute you put her in it she got annoyed, cried and sometimes even screamed. It has made meal times quite hard at times. Sometimes she would flat

Toy Storage Dreams

Yesterday I posted a review of the toy storage we bought from Next in the sale. As much as I love it, we STILL need more storage. Erin has some larger toys downstairs that are just on the side and she also has a room full of toys as well. Christmas and her birthday was insane and even after trying to clear out some old toys, we have them everywhere. I guess this is life now. Anyway, I thought I’d put together a post about toy storage that would make our lives loads easier! Tidy Books Bookcase – £154.50 (Tidy

Next Toy Storage Review

When my VIP slot opens for the Next sale online the first category I go to is children’s furniture, hoping for a bargain for Erin’s room. During the last sale I managed to bag a 5 tier storage system for £25 instead of £50. After the madness that was Christmas and Erin’s 1st birthday, our living room resembled a toy shop and I needed some kind of order. Unfortunately, Next don’t have anything similar anymore so I can’t link to it. I was a bit silly really and didn’t take photos of the building process. However, this storage system was