Garden Makeover!

When John and I were buying our first house one of the biggest things I was looking for was a decent sized garden. Growing up I never had a real garden, just a concrete slab of a back yard. I had always wanted somewhere to relax after work and on days off, somewhere to have BBQs and somewhere for our children to play eventually. While the garden was sort of nice to start with, it wasn’t at all what I wanted. The workshop in the picture you can see to the left is before we moved in. The previous owners

Garden progress

When John and I first came to look at our house before we bought it, I loved the garden but I think it was a case of rose tinted glasses. Our garden is really big and it did have loads of plants, a gravel path leading to the shed, a sunken patio and a pond which resulted in loads of cute frogs. I thought it was really cute and I was excited about finally having a garden. Below is what it looked like before, minus the workshop to the right on the first picture. The previous owners took that with

A skip and some hard work

Before the clear out! After buying an old Victorian house, I have quickly started to realise just how much needs doing to it. One of the first jobs on the massive list was to clear the garden. The previous owners were artists and the guy made his own pottery. Well, I say pottery but it was figures and things mostly. As we looked around the garden after moving in we saw so much hidden underneath bushes but it was all ruined! Every single thing we found was broken in some way or another apart from a few plant pots. We