GUEST POST: Mimi Rose and Me – Sleeping Through Yet? I’ll Let You Into Some Secrets…

 Today I’m really happy to have Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose & Me guest posting. Living in Middle of Nowhere, Norfolk I don’t often to get to meet other local bloggers so it’s great to have a fellow Norfolk blogger here today!   Hi, my name is Kelly-Anne, I’m a 28 year old mother to one, my cheeky little lady Amelia. I am also a wife to my lovely Tony and we have set up our forever home in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. I first launched Mimi Rose & Me as a way to keep my brain from turning to complete mush whilst on maternity

Guest Post: I Wish I’d Tried Harder

Today I’m happy to have Ami from Through Ami’s Eyes on the blog talking about a topic that is really important to me; the struggle to breastfeed. As someone who had problems with this personally, it’s great to hear from someone else! When Pickle was born almost 3 years ago it was a pretty difficult time. I had to be induced and was kept in hospital for the week whilst they were trying to move things along due to my blood pressure. When he was born he was quickly whisked away as he had a strange rash and it turned

National Tea Day

Did you know that today was National Tea Day? I didn’t until just recently and neither did my sister Natalie, who is pretty addicted to tea. Today she’s guest posting for me about why she loves tea! Today is National Tea Day, which I didn’t know existed, but being British it makes perfect sense; shouldn’t this be a National holiday?? The British are famously a nation of tea lovers, however to most people this is milky ‘builders tea’ which has a large sugar to tea ratio. I’ve never been a fan. In fact, I never used to like tea at

Meal Plan Monday: Devon Mama

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan. This week we have Hayley from Devon Mama writing about what works for her family! I’ve never been the best at meal planning. My mum used to do it and in my head I linked it to constantly eating the same meals; week in, week out. I’d have a rough idea of what I wanted to eat for the week and buy things that I thought would cover me but that was about it. When I moved in with my (now) husband we lived in

Work-Motherhood Balance Secrets

Trying to balance work and motherhood is no easy feat. As a working mum, there are all sorts of factors that play into the transition from being a working professional to being a mum to, eventually, becoming a working mum. Scheduling, exhaustion, still-fluctuating hormones and just wanting to be with your baby can make going back to work a lot tougher than it might seem. In some cases, a career change and finding something more flexible instead of going back to the job you had before maternity leave might come as a better solution. If you are interested in pursuing

Meal Plan Monday: Mummy to Dex

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan. This week we have Nicola from Mummy to Dex writing about what works for her family! Before our little baba was growing in my belly, we did not meal plan at all. We mainly lived on takeaways and ready meals and I rarely cooked from scratch. More often than not, I would buy blindly in the supermarket and decide on the night what I would cook. I would always forget to get meat out to defrost and when I did remember, I would change my

Meal Plan Monday: Savings for Savvy Mums

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan. This week I’m handing over to Eleanor from Savings 4 Savvy Mums. To Plan or Not to Plan – That is the Question! It is widely advertised that we should all make meal plans if we want to make savings when it comes to our food bill. However, many of us do not (me included) but why not? Is it the child in us stamping our feet, saying I can do it my way? Is it that we can’t be bothered to think that far

Meal Plan Monday: Edinburgh Life with Kids

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday, our weekly feature where we talk all things Meal Plan. This week I’m handing over to Laura from Edinburgh Life with Kids! I’ve always been a fan of Meal Planning. Through working out what we eat in advance, I’ve found that we save money and end up with a lot less food waste. It also takes away the hassle of thinking what to cook each day – everything is always there ready to go. By heading to the supermarket once a week (instead of everyday) I also save time and energy – which is always a