Holidaying In The UK With Pets & Babies

  Let’s face it – when you used to plan holidays pre-babies and pre-pets, the world was your oyster. You just probably didn’t realise it until the chance to get out and fly got a whole lot harder. When other things come along that require your attention – namely little humans – you sort of lose the luxury of being able to pick anywhere on a map that you want to go. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t so much waiting for you to be explored that’s already on your doorstep, that is available for you to take both

Hotel Review: ibis Cambridge Central

At the beginning of April John, Erin and myself headed off to Cambridge for a last minute weekend away. When I say last minute, I mean I booked it the evening before we went. Not like me at all. Having never been to Cambridge before I had no idea where to stay by my sister recommended the ibis Cambridge Central. The ibis Cambridge Central can be found right at Cambridge Train Station so it’s in a fantastic location is this is how you’re traveling. From here you have about a 15 minute walk into the center of Cambridge. I didn’t

Easter activities from Phoenix Trading

The Easter break can end up feeling like a really long time for some families. Children are off school for 2 weeks and that’s a lot of time to fill with things to do! Although Erin is only 1, I have been looking for some things to keep her busy this Easter weekend. Phoenix Trading helped us out! little woodland animals colour in card Who doesn’t love colouring in? This Little Woodland Animals card is for children a fair bit older than Erin. Well, Erin could certainly give it a go but she’s more interested in eating crayons at the