Melody Maison Homewares & Giveaway

This year I’m really trying to make the house a bit more homely. Up until now our living room has been a bit bare with no personality. Just recently we’ve had a bit of help from Melody Maison!

Melody Maison

I’m in the process of working out my office space in a part of our living room that was once our library. I have just got the bulk of the furniture in there, minus the desk, and I wanted some pieces that looked nice but also helped me to organise everything.

Wooden Letter Rack Organiser with Drawer Storage

Right next to our front door is a small cupboard where our fuse box is. Due to the location of it, our post tends to either get dumped there or on the stairs. I have always hated that we didn’t have somewhere nice to put our letters. Now we do!

The letter rack is gorgeous. The wood is beautiful and it really goes well in our living room. The drawer is perfect for keeping a pen and some stamps so that you know exactly where they are when you need to send something!

Black Metal Wire Storage Basket

I gave up trying to get ready for the day in our bedroom as soon as Erin started to move. It was too hard to keep her contained/ entertained in our room while I did my make-up and hair so I had to move everything downstairs. Unfortunately though, my hair dryer, straighteners and make-up just ended up being dumped in a corner. This lovely metal storage basket is absolutely perfect for these things! I’m able to keep everything in one place and also out of Erin’s way!

Glass and Diamond Detailed Soap Dish

I work on a food counter at a  well-known supermarket and I’m not allowed to wear any jewellery, apart from a necklace while I’m there. I have to take off my wedding and engagement rings each time I go to work as well as my charm bracelet and nose stud. I hate having to just put them on a counter somewhere because I’m scared they will get knocked off or lost at some point.

I decided to choose this beautiful soap dish as somewhere to keep my jewellery. I know I’m not using it for its intended use but I don’t care! This dish looks gorgeous on my shelves and I know my jewellery is safe and out of the way. Erin cannot reach where I keep it and it’s also so pretty to look at!


The lovely people at Melody Maison are giving my readers a chance to win a £20 voucher to spend on the site. There is so much to choose from so the winner will have a hard time deciding! Good luck everyone!

Melody Maison £20 Voucher Giveaway

Disclaimer: We received items from Melody Maison for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.



Home accessories from Red Candy

Only recently have we really started to make more personal touches around the house. We have lived here for 3 years now but haven’t really done an awful lot to the house, even though there is loads that needs doing. Since having Erin I have wanted more photos around the house. We were lucky enough to work with Red Candy recently who really helped us out with making our house a home.

I was faced with the incredibly difficult task of picking a product from the website and it took me hours! I do mean hours as well. I kept going back and forth for so long. I think I must have spent hundreds in my head while I was looking.

Red Candy

Image from Red Candy

I did, however, manage to narrow my choice down to the Maggiore Photo Display in black. I chose this as I had a perfect place for it in mind and I also have other photo frames in black on the mantle piece. Erin is now 1 and I wanted somewhere to put all of my favourite photos from her first year. This photo frame was perfect because it holds 21 6×4 photos.

I thought it took me a long time to pick this photo frame but it took me even longer to pick out which photos to put in it. I had to order some specially as I hadn’t got all of last year’s photos printed yet.

The frame can be hung both vertically and horizontally so it will fit in loads of places. I had a slight accident while hanging ours though. I didn’t quite get it on the wall properly and it fell in the process, smashing the bottom of the frame. I did sit on the floor and cry for a while after doing it. However, I have managed to fix it up enough for it to stay on the wall.



I absolutely love coming through my front door and seeing this at the end of my hallway every day.

Red Candy

Do you have lots of photos around your home?

Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.





Easter Weekend DIY

With John being home over the Easter weekend I thought it would be a really good time to try to get a couple of things done around the house. Easter weekends seems to be a time when a lot of households dust of their paintbrushes and tools and get to work.


Our living room/ dining room is pretty big and it goes off into an ‘L’ shape at the back. This used to be our library but with Erin pulling and climbing everything, the bookcases had to go. That small space has been an awful orange colour since we moved in 3 years ago so I was determined to make it white like the rest of the room. We went in with a MASSIVE tub of white paint. The walls took 4-5 coats to completely cover the orange. While I’m so much happier now it does make me realise the rest of the room needs painting too now!

The living room is the next room on our list to get decorated properly but so far we’re having trouble finding the right paint. I love the Farrow and Ball colour we tried but I can’t justify the price tag especially when the walls aren’t in the best condition. They need skimming really and I don’t want to use expensive paint only to re-do it again in a couple of years.

The garden also needed a bit of attention! Jackson dug holes all over the place and Erin fell in one a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to fill them in for a while now. Luckily, they weren’t too deep and didn’t take much soil to fill. I’ve now added in some grass seed and I’ll hope that it starts to grow soon.

While we didn’t go mad with the DIY, I am really happy with what did get done. I feel like now that these couple of jobs have been done I can concentrate of figuring out what to do with my newly painted area. At the minute it has no purpose whatsoever!