Chambers & Co Natural Shampoo for Dogs

chambersBathing Jackson isn’t something we tend to do very often. Being a long haired dog though we should probably do it a little more than we do, to stop him getting matted. I never really know what to do in term of shampoo for him though. When Chambers & Co got in touch about their Natural Shampoo for Dogs thought it would be really good to try.

The Chambers & Co dog shampoo is designed for sensitive skin so it’s suitable for all breeds.

Jackson is really quite good when it comes to getting in the bath. He doesn’t even really seem to mind it as long as you don’t keep him in there for too long. Usually John and I bathe Jackson together when it involves shampoo but this time I attempted it on my own. I have to say, Jackson was a lot calmer than he has been in the past. This shampoo has chamomile and calendula in the mix, which is not only soothing but also helps with itchy skin!

The shampoo lathered up really well and I feel like Jackson did get a really good clean. It’s always hard to get him super clean because of how much fur he has and how thick it is. This shampoo really got into his thicker parts and his tail well though.

John and I have mixed reactions to this shampoo. I absolutely loved it. It smells fantastic and it was really easy to use on Jackson. As soon as we came out of the bathroom John said ‘He smells like an After Eight’. I don’t know why he didn’t think this was a good thing!! I think the peppermint and lavender made Jackson smell lovely. Jackson, unfortunately, wanted to go straight outside after his bath and get dirty again!


The Chambers & Co Natural Shampoo for Dogs costs £9.50.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

Gifts for Dogs

Christmas certainly isn’t all about humans, it’s about dogs too. Jackson deserves Christmas presents as much as anyone else, although I’m not sure I would say he’s always a good dog. This is Jackson’s second Christmas and last year he did well at opening the presents we got him. This year he’s a bit more spoiled, probably because we have Erin now as well.


We have got Jackson his very own advent calender this year. I didn’t want him to be left out. I also got him a flashing Christmas ball and a pretty angry looking squeaky carrot toy. All three of these products came from Rosewood.


Something we have a problem with for Jackson is finding toys that last. He’s a bit of a beast of a dog and generally destroys anything within half an hour. Normally quicker. The lovely people at PetSafeUK sent Jackson some really tough toys to try out.

Jackson immediately smelt that the box was for him. He bounced around the living room like a maniac until I opened up the package. He then attempted to get one of the toys off of the dining room table! When I finally gave Jackson the Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone he went absolutely mental for it.

What I love about this toy and the Busy Buddy Jack is that they’re made from a really strong rubber as well as a plastic that Jackson hasn’t been able to break. Both the Bouncy Bone and the Jack toys are circular rawhide treats that attach to them and they really do keep Jackson occupied for ages.

We have tried Jackson with Kong treat dispensers before and we haven’t got on with them very well. The treats fall out too quickly and then Jackson gets bored. Thankfully, this is not what happens with the Busy Buddy Squeak ‘n Treat Booya though. This product has a ‘Treat Meter’ which randomly dispenses treats and you can also adjust the flow to suit your dog. It also randomly bounces and squeaks too.


These products are perfect presents for big dogs like Jackson. They’re especially perfect for dogs who are tough on their toys! I know these toys will keep Jackson entertained for a while while we open presents with Erin.

Disclaimer: We were sent some products from PetSafe for review. All opinions are our own. – Tailor Made Dog Food

When got in touch and asked if Jackson would like to trial their food, of course, we said ‘woof woof’ or yes please in English!

Tails offer tailor-made dog kibbles, which is what sets them apart from other dog food companies. They understand that each dog is different and each dog has different needs. Because of that, come up with a blend of food 100% tailored to your dog. This also means the price is tailored to your dog as well! make it really easy to get a mix of food to suit your dog’s needs. On their website they ask all kinds of questions such as the dog’s breed, age, exercise length and what treats they might have during the day, amongst other things. Dietary requirements are also taken into account. You can be assured that cover all of your dog’s needs!

When Jackson’s food got delivered it came in two bags, which I much preferred over one big bag. It made it a lot easier for me to carry and also a lot easier to store. As the food is tailored to your dog, you also get information on how much to feed them and how often.



Jackson’s food came with a plastic measuring jug (which you fold together) and instructions on which settings to use, making sure he was fed the right amount each day. John and I both thought that it didn’t look like enough food for him, compared to what we had been feeding him. We feed Jackson one of these jug fulls twice a day!

Jackson has been eating the same food for well over a year now. I was a little worried about how he would take to a new brand of food.



As you can see from the pictures, he happily eats this new food. He also wants more when he is done! This isn’t because he’s still hungry though (although dogs are always hungry), it’s because he loves it!


Jackson’s 12.3kg of food, which should last him a month, costs us £25.25. This is more than what we used to pay for his food but I don’t think it’s overly expensive, especially for what you get.

The website is so easy to use as well, which is always a bonus. You can choose when your deliveries of food are sent, you can pause your subscription if you like. You can also order more food if you need it.


Still not sure whether food is for you and your dog? Why not try a two week trial for only £1 delivery. Use the code MEHIMTHEDOGANDABABY for your free trial!

Disclaimer: We were sent a month’s free trial of this product for review. All opinions are our own. 


Dog, babies and beaches!

Since moving to Norfolk something I haven’t taken advantage of is the beautiful coast. Part of the problem is that John and I don’t drive so some of the beaches are hard to get to.


Yesterday we headed to a beach in Overstrand with some of the family. John’s brother and his girlfriend came round for a bit first with their gorgeous dog Roxy! Ever since we got Jackson I wanted him and Roxy to be friends but this is the first time they’ve met! Roxy followed him around while Jackson ran away as much as he could to stop Roxy from stealing his ball!

After some dog introductions, we took them to the beach. This was the first time both Jackson and Erin had been to the beach. John is a bit of a worrier when it comes to taking Jackson somewhere new because he is a bit of a terror. He also sometimes doesn’t listen to us when he should. When we opened the boot of the car, Jackson made a run for it down the slope… and Roxy followed! Luckily, after a little chase, we did get them back and on leads quickly.



It was a bit windy at the beach!

The beach was really quiet and we were able to let the dogs off their leads safely, without the risk of them running off to other dogs or children. Jackson loved it! He was so happy running around after his ball, with Roxy not far behind him. He also discovered sea water which he thought tasted lovely!







Erin wasn’t really too bothered about the beach to be honest. She’s been poorly and was tired. We had to carry her too and didn’t take anything to sit on. Unfortunately, she didn’t really get to do much at the beach

. She was quite happy watching the dogs run around though. I am excited to take her to the beach properly next summer though when she can really play.

Hopefully, by then, we can get Jackson bus trained so we can take advantage of some of the other beautiful beaches in Norfolk.





It was so nice to have Erin’s Auntie and Uncle round and to go to the beach for a bit with the dogs! Hopefully this is something we can do more often. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it (and Jackson was worn out)!

Man’s best friend

John is always telling me that he’s not anyone’s favourite. Obviously I love everyone in my family in different ways. John knows there is this special bond between Erin and I that he can’t compete with sometimes. Just recently Erin has been really needy because she’s been ill and has only wanted me and John has felt left out. I thought I’d write about John’s best friend Jackson!

Best friend

John may not think so but Jackson really does love him best.

Jackson has had a few issues with figuring out who the pack leader is, especially since I have been on maternity leave. He wasn’t used to me telling him what to do all day. However, I think he does know now that John is pack leader (only when it comes to Jackson)!

This crazy dog absolutely adores his human daddy. He certainly doesn’t miss me as much as he misses John. If I go out and I don’t get the same reaction when I get home. Jackson waits for John to get home at the window like a soppy little sod and sulks until he gets home.

2016-08-11 19.08.12

John is the one who plays with Jackson most of the time. He also takes him to the park twice a day or for walks.

Best friend

Best friends

Sometimes John whinges about Jackson, saying how annoying he is. I know he loves him really though. The thing is, Jackson is an absolute maniac. Sometimes it’s super annoying but most of the time it makes us love him even more.

best friend

Best friend

I probably shouldn’t have taught Jackson to ‘lick Daddy’s head’ but it was so much fun. I didn’t really think he would be able to learn how to do that on command. We don’t do that anymore though… unless Erin is in bed and Jackson is being particularly playful.

Best friend

There is no denying that John is Jackson’s best friend. We got Jackson his own sofa bed as we now don’t let him up on the couch because of Erin. However, Jackson still chooses to sleep in the arm chair which is directly next to where John sits on the couch. Soppy git!

Do your pets prefer one of you to another?

That bloody dog!

When I planned to write this post a few days ago, it was going to have a completely different meaning. Now, I’m literally writing about that bloody dog!

That bloody dog!

Every morning John takes Jackson to the park to have a good run around before he goes to work or just early on a weekend. This past Sunday was no different. John and Jackson went off and came back about 45 minutes later like normal.

Then, when Jackson was having a drink in the kitchen we noticed all of the blood! The kitchen floor and Jackson’s paws were covered. I had to quickly try to wash it off to see where it was coming from. Jackson is pretty good at getting in the bath for a shower but he didn’t want the water touching him this time.

That bloody dog

John retraced their steps and figured that it was some glass on the floor down a short cut they take.

After giving Jackson a shower and keeping him in the kitchen with a towel for a while, his paw stopped bleeding. However, we then went out in the garden for a bit and when we came back in it was bleeding again… a lot! So, off John went to every single shop in town. None of them sell bandages. Bloody Sainsbury’s and Lidl. I mean honestly, what kind of crappy first aid sections they have. It’s like no one ever needs a bandage in this town. John trekked all the way to the pharmacy, spent £6 on one bandage we can’t even use and then bought one we could use.

Jackson then ended up having another shower and me doing my best first aid on him. The poor puppy had to have a big old bandage on his paw. He did get it off once so I had to figure out how to tie a damn knot in it. Not easy, let me tell you.

That bloody dog!

2016-07-24 15.22.30

The poor puppy is stuck with a few days of limited exercise and very little play. He’s going to be so excited when he can finally go to the park again and chase some balls around.

People leaving broken glass on the floor and not clearing up after themselves really pisses me off. There are loads of bins near where this happened and it’s not hard to just put things in one! Some people are so irresponsible and stupid and clearly don’t give a shit about other people or think about the poor animals that get hurt because of their immature actions. Grrr!

What a spoiled dog!

When we first got Jackson we let him do whatever he wanted. As nice as it was to have him up on the couch with us for cuddles we realised this had to change as soon as we found out that I was pregnant.

Instead of banning Jackson from the furniture completely, even though John wanted to, I said he could sit/ sleep in the arm chair. I used to sit in the chair and John and Jackson would have the couch but we moved things around a bit so that there was a barrier between us. However, when we had company round this really didn’t work. We don’t have much seating in our living room so people have to sit in Jackson’s chair, making him feel really put out!

A customer from work was advertising a sofa bed for free on Facebay a couple of weeks back and I jumped at the chance. I’d been saying to John for a while that I wouldn’t mind Jackson having his own sofa if we could get one cheap enough. We’re lucky enough to have a 24ft living room with additional (my library) space to the side so space wasn’t really an issue.

So, after sweet talking this lady into delivering the sofa bed for us as neither of us drive (I’ve looked after her very well as a customer) Jackson ended up with his very own bed! He has never liked actual dog beds and has tended to eat every one I’ve bought him in the past so this one is fabulous! His bed is out of the living room so he has somewhere comfy to lay but he’s not on top of us any more.

I know some people spend hundreds of pounds on posh dog beds but this works so well for us. Doesn’t Jackson look comfy?!

Jackson’s got a girlfriend

Not long after we took a risk and let Jackson off the lead at the park and he started to socialise with other dogs, he met a lady dog he likes quite a bit. One day he was running around chasing his ball when I spotted another champagne GSD. In a town as small as ours, it’s not a common sight. In fact, you don’t see them around much at all no matter where you are!

The owner quickly came over because he thought our dog was his at one point and he had to come and see Jackson for himself. His dog Kia made friends with Jackson instantly. They ran around together, chased balls together and licked each other a bit. Not only was it nice to see Jackson playing so nicely with other dogs but also to see him take such an interest in one dog in particular.

Since that first meeting, we have taken Jackson back to the park specifically to see Kia. She and her owners only live around to corner from us so it is easy to go to the park at the same time as them and that way the dogs have someone to play with. Kia is a little rough with Jackson sometimes and she definitely likes to show him that she’s the boss. She steals his balls and sits on them so he can’t get them, poor lad! However, he doesn’t seem to care!

I absolutely love seeing the dogs together, especially when they realise the other is on the park. The go bounding over to each other and they run the fastest I have ever seen them run. I love the fact that Jackson’s got a lady friend and her owners are pretty nice too!

2016-03-19 17.30.45

And he’s off!

2016-03-12 17.49.37Jackson is now 15 months old and still a crazy puppy. I thought he’d be a lot calmer by now but his favourite thing is  still to run around like a maniac or play with John. I don’t get much time to play with him to be honest because of Erin so giving him exercise is really John’s department.

Due to how Jackson reacts to new people and other dogs we have never taken him out and let him off the lead before. It has scared the crap out of both of us. For some unknown reason though I recently had the urge to take him to the park and let him go wild. John was not as keen as I was but we went prepared. Maybe I wanted us to go out for a bit with Erin too but not on a really long dog walk.

At about 5pm one evening we headed to the park armed with 4 tennis balls, a thrower and loads of treats. We just had to hope the park was empty… which thankfully it was pretty much. There was only a few teenagers sat on a bench quite far away. We walked a fair way in and off came the lead!

Jackson was so excited to be chasing a ball and knowing there was another one waiting for him when he came back made it even better for him. We’ve had issues before with him not dropping toys or bringing them back to us at home but he did this every single time at the park.

We didn’t even stay out for an hour but Jackson was so tired that he gave up playing. John was easily able to get his lead back on before heading home. I’m so unbelievably proud of Jackson because he did so well. People and dogs being there would be entirely different but at least now John can take Jackson in the mornings for half an hour or so rather than for a walk for over an hour!

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Still a monster!

Recently the blog has been taken over by all things baby related and I had to remind myself of the title! It’s not all about Erin but also my husband John, our life together and Jackson, Flopsy and Mopsy, who haven’t had a look in for a long time now.

Jackson is now 16 months old and he’s slowly starting to calm down. When I say slowly, I mean very slowly. While I was pregnant we had a few issues with Jackson. For some reason he decided that he no longer wanted to listen to me and would be as naughty as possible while we were at home alone together. I assume it had something to do with my hormones changing. We had to send him to John’s mum’s house for a few days to give me a break and to test it out as a temporary move but it didn’t work out. Luckily Jackson came home a bit better behaved and he didn’t seem to hate me any more. Most of the time Jackson is really well behaved. We spend a lot of time at home together so he listens to me a lot more and generally does what I tell him to. He’s wonderful with Erin and is so gentle around her and we couldn’t have asked for better in that aspect of things.

Jackson’s problem is new people. He gets so excited and loves to have a new play friend2016-01-23 23.03.18 but this also means him not calming down for a long time. When my mum and sister came to stay recently Jackson was a nightmare most of the time. He wanted to play constantly. We have a gate on the kitchen door so we can put some distance between him and other people but when he’s shut in there he tends to act even worse. He steals things from the counters, opens a cupboard to get into the bin etc. I was constantly telling him off and I hated it. I know he only acted up because he wanted attention and wasn’t getting it. Things like this isn’t really his fault because he is still a playful puppy and just wants to love the new people!

Even though Jackson is still a monster puppy at times I couldn’t be without him. Having him go to John’s mum’s last year was horrible and I was so happy to have him home. It’s not the same without him, no matter how much he misbehaves. Each month he gets better behaved and actually, having Erin has calmed him down an awful lot!

Hopefully in another couple of months I’ll be writing a post about how calm he is!

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