Still a monster!

Recently the blog has been taken over by all things baby related and I had to remind myself of the title! It’s not all about Erin but also my husband John, our life together and Jackson, Flopsy and Mopsy, who haven’t had a look in for a long time now.

Jackson is now 16 months old and he’s slowly starting to calm down. When I say slowly, I mean very slowly. While I was pregnant we had a few issues with Jackson. For some reason he decided that he no longer wanted to listen to me and would be as naughty as possible while we were at home alone together. I assume it had something to do with my hormones changing. We had to send him to John’s mum’s house for a few days to give me a break and to test it out as a temporary move but it didn’t work out. Luckily Jackson came home a bit better behaved and he didn’t seem to hate me any more. Most of the time Jackson is really well behaved. We spend a lot of time at home together so he listens to me a lot more and generally does what I tell him to. He’s wonderful with Erin and is so gentle around her and we couldn’t have asked for better in that aspect of things.

Jackson’s problem is new people. He gets so excited and loves to have a new play friend2016-01-23 23.03.18 but this also means him not calming down for a long time. When my mum and sister came to stay recently Jackson was a nightmare most of the time. He wanted to play constantly. We have a gate on the kitchen door so we can put some distance between him and other people but when he’s shut in there he tends to act even worse. He steals things from the counters, opens a cupboard to get into the bin etc. I was constantly telling him off and I hated it. I know he only acted up because he wanted attention and wasn’t getting it. Things like this isn’t really his fault because he is still a playful puppy and just wants to love the new people!

Even though Jackson is still a monster puppy at times I couldn’t be without him. Having him go to John’s mum’s last year was horrible and I was so happy to have him home. It’s not the same without him, no matter how much he misbehaves. Each month he gets better behaved and actually, having Erin has calmed him down an awful lot!

Hopefully in another couple of months I’ll be writing a post about how calm he is!

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Jackson’s first op!

Last week John’s dad decided to pay us a surprise visit which meant he stayed with us for a couple of days. He hadn’t seen the house yet since we moved in last April and he also hadn’t met Jackson. Well, Jackson took a strong liking to John’s dad which ended up in us deciding to get him neutered. I had always wanted to get him done anyway but this pushed me to actually making the appointment. I was expecting a bit of a wait but I called on Monday and had an appointment for Thursday!

Jackson did2015-06-26 11.55.02 really well and came out of the anaesthetic really quickly and was back to his monstrous self quite quickly according to the nurses. When we got him him with his cone of shame on he was not happy. He wanted to play like normal and it took him some time to get used to eating and drinking with it on. He was more annoyed that he couldn’t play with his toys normally or go in the garden than anything else.

Now that he’s been home a day I’ve started letting him have the collar off for a bit at a time and keeping a careful eye on him in case he goes to lick the stitches. Thankfully he hasn’t tried that too much. He really has to keep it on for 7-10 days while he heals and isn’t allowed to do too much playing or running around, the poor thing!

It breaks my heart to see him so fed up and feeling sorry for himself but it was for the best in the long run!

Dogs eat the grossest things!

Jackson quickly got over the ‘I will play with anything’ phase and not much keeps his attention for too long now. He does love toys but anything soft he will rip apart in 5 minutes and he certainly doesn’t care if they cost £9 a pop. We tried buying him things like Nylabones but he’s given up on those now as well. He’s a pretty picky dog who one minute loves something and the next he hates it.

Our local, very small, pet shop is a fantastic stockist for dogs of all sizes and we generally get everything for Jackson from here now (apart from food because we can’t carry it). One day we wanted to get him something he hadn’t had before that would last a while but everything that looked good for him was disgusting.

Jackson absolutely loves chicken feet, pigs ears and trotters and as much as I hate bu5000239055388_Lying them, I know he enjoys them. Yes, I know I could just not get these super gross things but Jackson is a spoiled puppy and I love him.

Jackson’s holiday

John and I are going on holiday in September for the first time since we got Jackson and leaving him at the local kennels for 7 nights was a bit much for his first time. So, as we had a couple of busy days with us being out a lot we decided to put him in for 2 nights as a trial to see how he got on. 

The staff at Norstead Hall were really understanding about it being his first time away from home and did everything they could to keep him calm while we left. Jackson seriously panicked when he saw us leaving him and it was heartbreaking to hear him cry for us and try to get to us through a fence when he couldn’t. I was so very close to crying because I didn’t want to leave him like that. 

John and I worried about Jackson for the whole 2 days he wasn’t with us because we had no idea if he would have settled down and if he would have behaved himself. When John picked him up on Sunday morning the staff reassured him that there was a bit of whining to start with but he soon settled in and had fun running around in the big field. They also said he settled in quicker than most dogs and all of the staff loved him and loved having him there. 

I really think the staff in kennels make all the difference for how a dog reacts to the situation and I can’t thank them enough for taking care of Jackson so well. 

It was also really interesting to see how Jackson would be once he came back home seeing as we’d never been away from him for that long before. He has been so loving and well-behaved and instantly wanted to go out and play in the garden with John. He’s clearly showing that he missed us but doesn’t seem affected by his little holiday. 

Rough and tough

A little while ago I wrote a post about Jackson and his ability to destroy his toys no matter how tough they say they are. I was extremely disappointed in a particular brand of toys so the lovely people at Petface sent Jackson some other goodies that should have been better suited to him… and his teeth. 

Jackson was very excited when the package arrived for him and he couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Petface had sent him a really tough rope toy and a plastic bone that you put treats in. The certainly felt tough to touch and looked great. 

The real test though was seeing if Jackson could destroy them and if he could, how long would it take him. 

The bone and treats are absolutely amazing and he loves them. He finds it a little hard to get to the treat once he’s chewed off the top but as I always let him have it under supervision, I can push it up a little bit when the time comes. The treats smell really meaty so Jackson was interested in them immediately. 

The real surprise though was the rope toy. I have had another rope toy by Petface and it was destroyed in 2 seconds flat. This one has been going strong for 2 weeks now and it only has a little bit of wear and tear where Jackson is starting to unpull the rope. He plays with this one quite a lot and it has already taken quite a lot of chewing. 

I am so happy that Petface were able to find me some really strong toys for a dog with extremely strong teeth. Jackson and I are both extremely happy with the toys. 

If you would like to find out more about what Petface has to offer you can find them at the various places below:
Twitter: @PetfacePets

*I received these products for free

It’s the little things

At four months old, Jackson is a pretty hyper puppy. He has energy all of the time apart from when he’s asleep. Even then, if we’re home we have to put him in the kitchen to sleep as he doesn’t seem to like doing that when John and I are around. He wants to be with us constantly and play with us every second that he can. That obviously makes it hard to get anything done around the house. Jackson likes to sit next to me on the couch and play so that means not being able to use my laptop and not being able to write blog posts. 

The only thing that has stopped Jackson from wanting to play lately is a big bone or his yellow octopus (which has now died). 

When out playing in the garden Jackson is addicted to a really cheap and thin purple Frisbee. He carries it around in his mouth and will not drop it for you to throw it to him. We kick a football around for him which he chases but not without that Frisbee in his mouth at the same time. 

Little did we know that letting him bring it in the house would calm him down a lot! He tries to bring it inside with him anyway after being outside so the other day we let him. Instead of wanting to play like we thought he would he happily laid on the couch with it and stayed there for quite a while. If I had known he would do this earlier I would have got him one for in the house. 

It’s strange how the most simple toy can keep him so happy when he has loads to choose from and some a lot more expensive than a purple Frisbee. 

Teething puppy

Jackson is now 17 weeks old and that means he’s teething. We thought he’d hit quite a bad time of it a few weeks back but that was nothing compared to how he is now. 

The poor thing is so unhappy right now and howls and whines because his mouth is hurting. Toothache is the worse so I can only imagine how he is really feeling and he’s letting us know when he’s in pain. I hate it! I feel so bad for him. 

The only way to help his pain is to help him relieve it and that means him having something in his mouth or chewing on something most of the time. We’ve found that knuckle bones are a really good thing for Jackson as they keep him occupied for a very long time and he doesn’t get bored very quickly. 

Another thing that helps him is to be sat next to me on the couch and for me to help him and hold a chew toy in his mouth. He can’t seem to get these at the right angles on his own so this means he can get to his back teeth easily. It’s a pain in the arse having to hold a toy for him but if it helps them I’m willing to do it. 

Jackson’s favourite chew at the moment is his DuraChew® Double Bone – Bacon by Nylabone. 

There are two different kinds of raised shapes on the white bone bits which help clean teeth. Jackson loves to go from one bit to another and then to the red middle as the texture is changing all of the time, helping to relieve the pain in his gums. I wasn’t sure he would like this when I bought it but I’m so glad I did. It’s a lifesaver if you’ve got a teething puppy, especially one as big as Jackson. 


Jackson our white German Shepherd puppy is now 4 months old and he has definitely hit the teething stage. He constantly needs to have his chops around some kind of bone or toy and when he doesn’t… well, it hasn’t ended well so far. Let’s just say I’m glad we need a new kitchen eventually anyway. 

Finding toys for Jackson that last is proving to be a really difficult task. I did buy him a big yellow octopus from Pets At Home for £20 and that lasted a good month and so far, has been the longest lasting toy he’s had that isn’t a bone. I can’t remember what brand that was though or if it was a Pets At Home toy but I’m determined to find something else for Jackson. 

After work the other day I stopped by Sainsbury’s to get some of Jackson’s favourite starfish treats and to pick up a couple of new toys as a few of his have been killed in the past week. Something that stuck out to me on the shelf was the Seriously Strong range by Petface. Seriously strong toys are what I need. 

The latest toy to die was Jackson’s rope which he loved so much so I wanted a replacement. I ended up going with the Rope Log as it looked really thick and durable. At £3 it’s not the most expensive toy but still, it looked great. 

Unfortunately, the rope did not live up to the brand name at all. I gave it to Jackson as soon as I got home and within minutes he had tugged loose one end of the rope. Not only did he unstick the end but he also managed to get one of the rope strands unwoven. 

I had to tie the ends back together before I could give him it again because otherwise he would have been able to eat the loose stands. Not good. I understand that dog toys are not indestructible but this really should have lasted more than 2 minutes. 

I guess I need to look elsewhere for a new toy for Jackson now. 

Branching out

Blogging for me all began with book reviews way back in 2010, the year I started university. Somehow I managed to blog the same as normal all the way through university. I really don’t know how I did that sometimes though. I guess it helped having a job where I was able to read on night shifts or do my revision or edit essays. 

After graduating and getting a full time job as the manager of a children’s play center and bowling alley, I seemed to not be able to cope with blogging any more. I really tried but I wasn’t getting much time to read or to write the reviews even if I did manage to read. After a while of struggling I made a hard choice to give it up for a while. I just didn’t have the energy, especially when John and I bought a house that needs a fair amount of work. 

Between then and now I also tried to have two blogs. I have no idea why I ever thought that would be a good idea because one was hard enough. Now my life is still really hectic. Not only does the house need a whole lot of work but we also have Jackson, our German Shepherd puppy. 

Before now I had lost my desire to read. I have no idea how I’m managing it right now to be honest, but I am. John laughs because I wake up some mornings when I’m in the middle of the book and I read a bit before I get a bath before work. 

Anyway, there was a time when I was really happy with having a blog just for book reviews. However, it really isn’t that time now. With so much going on in my life right now I really need to branch out with my blog. I want to make it more about all of the things I love. My life with John, my house that is yet to be beautiful, my monster of a puppy, books and films. 

So, although there will still be a lot of book reviews I really want to be able to write about my life. As Jackson grows up I’m sure I’ll have plenty of cute photos and funny stories about the things he gets up to. I also can’t wait to write about updates on the house and things that get done. 

I hope you enjoy hearing about my life!