Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen, Norwich

When I lived in Nottingham while I was at university one of my favourite places to eat was a buffet restaurant called Peachy Keens. It was an all you can eat ‘everything’ kind of place and since moving away, I’ve missed it. I was so excited when I found out a Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen was opening in Norwich as it’s a very similar thing.


Me, John and Erin all headed into Norwich for the day for my birthday last month and headed to Cosmo for when it opened at midday. It was a Sunday and I don’t think I was prepared for the queue down the street when we arrived at 11:40. Once open though the wait wasn’t too long. I do wish we had booked though to make it even quicker.

While we waited for our table, we were asked to leave the pushchair downstairs. Yes, the restaurant is up a set of escalators with a lift available if needed. While I didn’t mind too much, Erin was getting tired and I had to keep my fingers crossed for her getting though lunch.

We got seated at the end of a row of tables which was perfect for us as it meant being able to get in and out easily and there was loads of space for the high chair. I could see why we were asked to leave the pushchair downstairs though. They have maximised how many tables are in there and there really isn’t much spare space.

What is available in regards to the food really depends on when you go. During weekday lunches there is less of a choice but it is also half the price (See bottom of this post for prices). We went on a Sunday lunch where everything was available.

As you can expect from the name of the restaurant, there is food from all over the world available; Italian, Asian, carvery, desserts just to name a few. We were really spoiled for choice. John started with sushi while I started with a roast dinner. It was Sunday after all.

Erin had a bit of a mix of food but she didn’t really eat a lot to be honest. Luckily, her meal was only £3 because of her age. She was super tired at the time so wasn’t too bothered about eating, well, until I got her some cake. Then she ended up having cake with noodles all mixed together. Yum!

John and I were both really impressed with the food. Each time we went to get another plate of food we could see things being filled up again. It was great to see how often fresh food was being brought out. I think we both managed 4 plates of food before having a couple of desserts. That was maybe 1 plate too many really.

The desserts were fantastic and there was such a large selection to choose from. I was in dessert heaven really and had way more than I probably should have. I loved that there was something for everyone; ice cream, warm puddings, fruit, a chocolate fountain and loads of different cakes!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the food at Cosmo. If anything let it down it would maybe be the baby changing facilities. It’s not that they were bad or dirty or anything but the lack of options. Cosmo is a really large restaurant but there is only 1 baby changing facility which is in the disabled toilet. When we needed to change Erin there was quite a queue of other parents waiting. However, as things go, it’s not the worst problem in the world!


LUNCH from £7.99
MONDAY – FRIDAY 12:00 – 15:00 £7.99
SATURDAY 12:00 – 16:00 £10.99
SUNDAY & BANK HOLIDAYS 12:00 – 22:00 £14.99

DINNER from £14.99
MONDAY – THURSDAY 17:00 – 22:30 £14.99
FRIDAY – SATURDAY 17:00 – 23:00 £15.99
SUNDAY & BANK HOLIDAYS 12:00 – 22:00 £14.99

Social Network Solutions Blogger Event

Living in The Middle of Nowhere, Norfolk means not really knowing many local bloggers and especially not other parent bloggers. When Amy from Social Network Solutions (SNS) invited me to a cosy local event I was so excited. I actually nearly didn’t go though because I don’t drive and I had no idea where the event was. I’m glad I put on my big girl pants and figured it out though!

The event was held at Dotty Pottery which is in Hellesdon, Norwich. It’s a bit out of the city center which is why I had to figure out the buses but it was well worth it. Amy from SNS was there to meet us and I was the first one there. I’m always early; I can’t help it! I always get quite nervous going to events but Amy was so lovely and welcoming and I felt completely at ease. Erin was a little shy to begin with but it didn’t take her long to be her cheeky little self.

One the other bloggers and their children arrived, we got to choose a piece of pottery to paint and given some information on the paints, colours and what we could do! I’ve never done anything like this before so it was really useful for me.

Erin honestly had no interest whatsoever in painting her plate. She had loads of fun swishing the paints around on the palette though and she sort of painted the table, her hands and her hair.   I attempted to make something half decent though. I’m not artistic in any way though but I’m pretty pleased with how the plate turned out. There are one or two paint strokes from Erin on there too.

Erin was by far the youngest of the children at the event so we positioned ourselves at the head of the table so we had plenty of space for her to move around and play with the toys there! I was really glad to have Chloe from The Adventures of an Allergy Mummy and her gorgeous daughter Mia sat next to me and Erin. Mia was absolutely amazing with her painting and I was so impressed with her figure. I think she put me to shame a little bit. Erin and Mia may be quite different in ages but they certainly hit it off. Erin loved following Mia around and they even had a little cuddle!

It was so lovely to meet another local blogger in Chloe. She also lives in the middle of nowhere so we have that in common. It was also super nice to have someone to chat to who didn’t make me feel awkward or out of place. I know I was the ‘smallest’ blogger at the event but chatting to Chloe made me feel more a part of everything.

After the painting we received some gorgeous gifts to go home with. I love a pamper in the bath so I’m really looking forward to trying some of these!

Love Boo

Congratulations Mummy Kit and Baby Very Gentle Top-To-Toe Wash

Young Soles

Daughter of the Soil

White Mulberry Shea Body Butter

Kingdom of you personalised book

Thank you so much to Amy and SNS for inviting us to this event. We had a blast, got messy and have coffee plans for next month with a new friend!

Disclaimer: We received items mentioned in this post as gifts.