Pregnancy and me!

Being pregnant is such a strange thing. I thought after trying for a while to conceive I would have been well prepared for what would happen but I couldn’t have been more wrong. While I have been nauseous quite a lot I haven’t really been sick which I am very thankful for. As I work quite long hours sometimes and evening shifts the tiredness has been really hard to deal with. On days like today when I do feel sick and also tired I feel like everything has been completely knocked out of me. I’m glad I haven’t been at

Pregnancy Week 7

I’m now into my 7th week of pregnancy and things have really changed since we found out I was expecting. Over the past week or so morning sickness has really begun to kick in. Before, all I felt was a bit of nausea but a horrible half term week at work really kicked my ass. The tiredness has really taken its toll on me as well. It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get or if I rest completely on my days off work. I am always tired! John is being extremely good and letting me just sit

A massive change

Just lately I have really been struggling to keep up with everything; blogging, housework, going to work, the dog… everything. As you can see I have moved my blog to WordPress and changed the name. I feel like my old blog was really outdated and I seriously hated Blogger. I didn’t actually mean to swap things over this soon, especially with the name of the blog but I sort of did it accidentally. Ooops! I don’t really understand WordPress completely yet but I am liking it so much more so far. So, you can probably tell from the new name