For Aisha Review & Giveaway

Back in February when Erin was getting more adventurous with food and flavours we were lucky enough to try some of the For Aisha Stage 3 pouches and Erin loved them. I was so excited when I heard that For Aisha were doing tray meals for babies aged 10 months+ I got excited! I couldn’t wait for Erin to try them. The stage 3 tray meals come in 4 different flavours: Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry, Green Bean & Lamb Curry, Chicken, Quinoa & Vegetable Stew and Date & Apricot Tagine with Lamb. There is no other baby food brand

Stylish Bathroom Storage From Joseph Joseph

This year I have been on a bit of a mission to get the house more in order. Erin has sort of taken over everywhere but I’m sick of there being ‘stuff’ everywhere. Not too long ago we had some help from Joseph Joseph to make the most of our small kitchen. The next room to tackle on my list was the bathroom. We’ve recently got a new bathroom cabinet which has meant us moving all of the medicines into the downstairs toilet but that wasn’t enough. Luckily, Joseph Joseph have just launched a brand new bathroom range and we’ve

Googly Fruit Organic Snacks For Kids & Giveaway

I absolutely love finding new food brands for Erin. We’re always on the look out for healthy snacks for her so when Googly Fruit got in touch to tell us about their range, I was excited! Sometimes I think it’s really hard to find snack for toddlers that aren’t full of bad sugar, aren’t fried or basically, aren’t bad for them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Erin having crisps or chocolate now and again but I like to make healthy choices where I can. Googly Fruit offers three different products; Crunchy Puffs, Real Fruit Made

BundleBean Pushchair Organiser Review

We live in Middle of Nowhere, Norfolk and we are a family who don’t drive. As I walk everywhere in town I always have the stroller and Erin with me. Sometimes I only have to pop our for 30 minutes to an hour and I don’t need to take Erin’s big changing bag with us. When I saw BundleBean at Bubble London I fell a bit in love with their buggy organisers. BundleBean Buggy Organisers currently come in 4 different designs and we have the gecko organiser. You can also get penguins, elephants and flamingos so there are some really

Little Dish: Proper Food For Kids

Erin has been going through a bit of a strange phase recently when it comes to food. She has not wanted to eat nearly as much as normal and she has been super picky with what she does eat. With that in mind, I’ve been on the look out for food to try her with that is delicious but also healthy at the same time. Phases with eating can quickly lead to unhealthy options and I don’t want to do that. I recently discovered Little Dish at Bubble London and we’ve been lucky enough to try out a selection of their

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket Review

Did you know that July was National Picnic Month? I didn’t until recently either. Although I know I’m a bit late to celebrate it properly picnics are something you can enjoy no matter the weather as they don’t always have to be outside. One of Erin’s newest toys is the LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket. The set comes as a very happy looking pink plastic picnic basket. In the picture above the basket is tipped on its side and you can see that there are some buttons and switches. One button controls on/ off and the volume while another

An Evening Of Pampering With Indigo Herbs & Giveaway!

Erin is now 19 months old and John and I have never been out together for a date night since she was born. Erin doesn’t seen any adults on a very regular basis apart from me and John so I haven’t really felt comfortable enough to leave her with anyone. My mum and sister & BIL see her often enough now though that I would leave her with them if we had the chance but it hasn’t come up yet! Anyway, that’s not really the point here. The point is that we now have to figure out how to spend

Cleaning Up The Garden With FFX

We are very lucky to have a large garden. We have a decent sized patio, a 10ft x 10ft piece of decking and a whole lot of lawn. Our rabbits have a hutch each after trying to kill one another a couple of years ago and they are massive! Not only do the rabbits take up a lot of room but we also need somewhere to keep their food, straw and hay! Just recently we’ve had some help cleaning up with garden from FFX. The first item on my shopping list was somewhere to store everything that the rabbits need