London Stationery Tour: Part 2

My sister Natalie is back today with Part 2 of her review of the London Stationery Tour!


Liberty of london

Great Marlborough Street

Liberty is worth visiting in and of itself, let alone for the stationery department. The store itself is beautiful and they sell a wide variety of high market products, from the usual perfume, make-up and clothing, to antique jewellery and home wares from around the world. It’s expensive but not always unaffordable. The home ware department is really quirky and interesting and although a lot of it is well beyond what i can afford there is plenty that is surprisingly affordable. There’s also a great chocolate department which sells a lot of British products and also products from smaller companies. One of my favorite things about this store is that you will find things that you cannot find in chain stores.

The stationery department sells various upmarket collections, such as notebooks by Christian Lacroix. There is plenty that is affordable though, i shop here fairly often myself. It does feel like you’re treating yourself a bit since it does cost more than ‘basic’ stationery, but the quality is great and it’s nice to buy something a bit different. There is also a lot of Liberty themed products, such as gift cards and notebooks, and, as i discovered by going on this tour, they now sell Liberty print washi tape! I was so excited about that one. If you’re visiting London and would like some nice stationary for souvenirs then this is a good choice. Liberty prints and quintessentially British and I think that being able to buy them in notecards or notebooks gives you an opportunity to buy something which is usually fairly expensive as a more affordable product.

John Lewis

300 Oxford Street

John Lewis stores in generally sell a good range of different stationary products, but the Oxford Street store has a huge selection. I’m a fan of John Lewis in general but even I was surprised by how much was here. John Lewis sells its stationary is sections of brands, so for example there is a table of Kate Spade products here (the largest selection of this that I’ve seen in London). John Lewis does have its own brands of stationery products but it does mostly sell brands that you could find in other stores, such as Pusheen or Disney. This store also has a large section of gift cards and gift wrap, along with a wall of Filofax products – again, the largest that I have seen in London.


400 Oxford Street

Going to Selfridges for this stationery trail was the first time I had visited the store. I’m not sure what I expected exactly but I think all i could say was ‘more’. The stationery products sold are similar to those in Liberty and Fortnum and Mason. There are mostly upmarket brand which are fairly expensive, for example around £20.00 for a letter set, if not more. There is also a good selection of Moleskine products and plenty of MT washi tape. For your basic stationery products I would say that this store could be skipped. However, in the stationary section is a WHSmiths store that has a great selection of magazines which is worth having a look at. I bought Flow magazine, I couldn’t stop myself. I was also very tempted by the chocolate department that you have to walk through to get to the stationery… it’s difficult to walk past so many macaron without trying one or two!


40 New Bond Street

I don’t think that I would have come across this shop at all if not for the tour, it’s on New Bond Street on which are plenty of high end designer shops. If you want to shop at Gucci or Chanel (or just look in the windows) then this street is for you. Smythson is not immediately obvious as a stationery shop, the window display featured a lot of leather products like bags, wallets and passport holders. Going in the store it is clear that these are the main things it sells but there is also a variety of high end stationery products, such as notebooks and luxury office items. I don’t frequently go into expensive shops in London since I know I won’t have the money to spend there, but it can be nice to browse. However, in the case of Smythson I have never felt so uncomfortable in a shop as I did on this visit. My boyfriend and I were followed around the shop by a shop assistant like we would fill our sleeves with notebooks the moment her back was turned. You could argue that she was just being helpful, but as there were various assistants standing ready to help in every room i would guess not. Luckily this shop’s products weren’t my kind of thing, I don’t have £45.00 to spare on a tiny pocket sized notebook, and even if I did I would chose a material other than leather or alligator skin for the cover. Needless to say I will not be returning here.

Campo Marzio

166 Piccadilly

Campo Marzio is a tiny little shop at the bottom of New Bond street, selling Italian notebooks, pens and leather goods. I’ve taken my boyfriend on this stationery tour and in Campo Marzio I think we actually found a stationery shop that he liked more than I did. The leather products will never be my type of thing since I don’t like leather, but i will admit that they look nice. The range comes in a variety of bright fun colours and there are plenty of items from large handbags, to card wallets and USB keyrings. They also do a range of small notebooks which are really fun and quite cheap. My boyfriend loved the fountain pens which come in all sorts of colours and designs. The shop also sells plenty of inks, some pen and ink sets, and sealing wax and stamps. As for the leather goods, they’re not vastly different from those in Smythson. The main difference is the price, and the lovely customer service we had in Campo Marzio. My advice would be to walk down the street and shop here instead of Smythson.

Fortnum & Mason

181 Piccadilly

As much as I love Fortnum & Mason I wouldn’t say it was for its stationery department. The stationery is upstairs, so to get to it you need to walk through the food department where I could have stayed. If, like me, you’re a fan of speciality tea and biscuits you’ll also be distracted here! There’s no harm in that though. I think that one of the nice things about this stationery trail is that you come across much more than stationery. I mean yes, that is the main focus, but stores like this are great in that you can find so much more. It is well worth taking a bit of time to look at the food and drink on offer. For example, I found stationery themed sugar cookies when I visited.

A lot of the stationery here I also saw in Liberty and Harrods since it stocks stationery by upmarket brands. However, you can buy a few things that are a bit different too. There was a lovely table of quills and inks, and also wax seals which I love! There’s just something about a pen made out of a feather that I love the look of, and I haven’t seen these sorts of tools in many other places. There were also a series of notebooks made from classic book covers which were so nice, I couldn’t justify buying them for myself but they would make a great gift.

Which of these stops would you love to visit and buy a little (or a lot) from?!

Make sure to come back in a few weeks for the third and final part of the mini series.




Mum’s Office 2017 Diary

If you’ve been following us on the blog or social media recently then you’ll know that I am a massive stationery fan. Something I always have on the go is a diary but I seem to have had trouble finding the right one for me… until I discovered Mum’s Office.


Although the company is called Mum’s Office, the products available are in no way just aimed at mums and the products don’t say it on them either!


We have the 2017 version of the Mum’s Office diary and I absolutely love it! The diaries come in a whole range of colours and various sizes. I have a champagne colour but the other colours are Sea Green, Orange, French Navy, Pink and Plum. There is really something for everyone.


The diary has two different types of page when opened up. On the left is a week to view diary. Sometimes with diaries I find that there isn’t enough room to write everything in but that’s not the case with this one. Each day has plenty of space to write in appointments and events. My only slight criticism is that Monday has more space than the other days. No idea why though!

On the right are columns. Different sized diaries have different amounts of columns but mine has 4. This is where planning for the whole family comes into play. I use the left hand side of the pages for all of my own appointments and work shifts. I then use the other columns for any classes or activities that Erin does and also some John’s appointments.

What I love the most about this diary is that is allows me to see everything that is going on with my whole family on just one page. I don’t have to colour code anything and I don’t have to have separate diaries for everyone.

The diary has a great elastic loop on the side so you can keep a pen with it all times, it has two ribbon bookmarks, an elastic closure and also a pocket at the back for any receipts etc. I think Mum’s Office have really thought of everything with this one and it is perfect!

I can’t wait for the 2018 diaries to be released in August. I know I’ll be getting another one as soon as they’re released!

Disclaumer: We received a sample of this diary. All opinions are our own.



The London Stationery Show

I’m sad to say it is the last day of National Stationery Week. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of our posts this week and found some fantastic brands and products. The highlight of National Stationery Week for me was attending The London Stationery Show in London this week.

The London Stationery Show

The London Stationery Show is held at the Business Design Centre in Islington and is open to press and retailers. The Business Design Centre is super easy to get to. It was a short 5 minute walk away from the Angel underground station. I took me sister with me as she’s been posting for me about the London Stationery Tour recently.

We were both a bit amazed when we arrived. There was a lot to take in and we wasn’t sure where to start, although we did go in order, starting on the ground floor and worked our way up. I did go in with a list of brands I love and wanted to go and see and we also missed out a lot that just wasn’t relevant to us.

I won’t go into every brand we visited as that would take forever but I will talk about a few of our favourites and the stand outs!

A Gift From The Gods was our first stop. I’ve been drooling over their notebooks online now for a little while so I was excited to see them properly. I was not disappointed. The notebooks come in a range of colours from a soft blue to a dark navy but all come with foil lettering. Who can resist something shiny? Not me, that’s for sure!

My sister especially liked the lighter coloured books as she’s getting married so thought they’d make great wedding planners!

ScentCo was an instant stand out for me. I loved the idea of different scented pens and pencils and then I discovered the notebooks.

Mum’s Office was a pretty obvious choice for me. Although the name obviously leans towards mums, the products are suitable for everyone. The diaries have a week to view page as well as a page with varying amounts of grids depending on the size. These diaries have space for me to write down everything for me, John and Erin in one place so they’re perfect for me.


Mum’s Office also offers other organising books such as for recipes, Christmas, birthdays etc.

Two Little Boys caught my eye immediately. Their products are bright, bold and extremely colourful. What I loved about Two Little Boys was that they offer something for everyone. There are fab products for children but fun things for adults too. I especially liked the Books of Mindlessness. I think John and my sister’s fiance could do with these for when we go away together in October!

Busy B was a brand that we’ve been working with already this week. You can see our review of their products here. I wanted to stop by to say hi but to also have a look at their full range. Once again, Natalie was impressed with their wedding range!

Stabilo was another stand out for me. I have always associated them with pens to be honest and never really thought about them for children’s stationery.

I was so impressed with the Woody 3 in 1 crayons. These crayons act as a colouring pencil, wax crayon and watercolour. They can also write on pretty much anything, including windows, which can then be wiped off. I think these are the perfect product for Erin.


These are just a few brands that we discovered during our visit to The London Stationery Show. Although we weren’t expecting to come away with anything, seeing as you can’t buy any products there, we did come away with a few fabulous samples. Check out our Instagram over the next week or so for more pics!

We had a fantastic day at The London Stationery Show and I already can’t wait for next year. 

Spring Stationery from Flying Tiger

One of the things that I really love about stationery is how different it all can be and how diverse different companies are. Flying Tiger is one of those brands that always comes out with something that stands out.

Flying Tiger

It is the end of April now so technically it’s Spring, even if the weather doesn’t want to agree! Flying tiger have come out with some very Spring inspired products this year and they’re bound to brighten up any bag or desk!

I am so in love with this grass covered lined notebook. I’m not sure I have ever seen anything like this before. Erin is obsessed with anything that has a different texture to it at the moment so this really doubles up as something for her as well. The only problem is that she wants to feel the cover while I’m writing in it!


Grass-Covered Lined Notebook – £2

This might just look like a cute pen but it’s not (well, it is actually cute as well). You can wind up the pen at the back of the flower which makes the petals spin around. This doubles up as a writing instrument and something to keep a small child occupied and amazed when they get a bit bored!

Flower Pen Spin – £1

Last, but not least, are these really cute paper clips. There are 20 in a pack for only £1 so great value but they’re also so fun. The pack comes with brightly coloured paperclips shaped like people!

20 Paperclips – £1

What do you think of Flying Tiger’s spring stationery?

IG: flyingtigeruk
Twitter: @flyingtigercph



Getting Organised With Phoenix Trading

One of the biggest selling points for stationery for me is being able to get really organised. Stationery to me is a way of making life easier and Phoenix Trading certainly help with that.

Phoenix Trading

Being organised means needing a variety of products. Unless you want something the size of a table, there is no one product that will do it all I don’t think. The great thing about Phoenix Trading is that they have lots of different options, depending on what you need.

Phoenix Trading

Weekly Planner

To be honest, I think I will be using this as a daily pad rather than a weekly pad. I like to have a to-do list every day which is a mix of house things and blog work. I also tend to go to Sainsbury’s every day to get whatever we need for dinner. We tend not to do a big shop anymore as we waste too much and I only live across the road so the shopping list is perfect for me.

I really like that this pad has sections for a bit of fun as well as important lists. Sometimes I do daydream while writing lists as I think of things so the doodle space is great for me!

Phone Pad

I am absolutely terrible for remembering to call people when I need to or when I’m supposed to. I am also useless at remembering what people tell me to remember when I am on the phone to them. This phone pad is perfect for keeping next to the phone or, seeing as most people have cordless phones, next to where you’d normally sit while on the phone!

This phone pad also looks great too which I think would be helpful for remembering to use it! The bright colours and flower design is certainly eye catching enough to notice!

Party Invitations

I am determined for Erin to have some kind of party/ outing every year for her birthday. No matter what this is, she is going to need to give out invitations. These from Phoenix Trading are absolutely perfect for her. The party invitations aren’t occasion or event specific so we could use them for anything really.

These particular invitations are so fun because they have a lot of colour and a lot going on! I think Erin’s friends would love them!

Which of these products would you love for yourself, or someone you know?

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.








Stylish Stationery from Edie & Rona

Sometimes you need something that bit nicer than a plain notepad and BIC pen. Sometimes you need something that looks gorgeous when you take it out of your bag. Sometimes you need stationery that you are proud to be seen with. Edie & Rona provide exactly that!

Edie & Rona

To begin with, I have to say that Edie & Rona send out their products really beautifully packaged. Each piece comes wrapped in delicate tissue paper with either a Edie & Rona sticker or a card to say thank you on larger pieces. I really loved the added detail in the packaging from this brand. I think going that extra mile really helps to make you stand out.

portico designs notebooks

For so long I have carried around a notebook of some kind with me in my handbag or now in Erin’s changing bag. The notebooks have varying in many ways of the years and I have had loads of different kinds. The one thing I won’t do though is carry around a tatty, boring notebook. It’s just not in me.

I am so in love with these Portico Designs Notebooks. The pack of two is a steal at only £7.95. In the pack you get one lined notebook and one with squares. I’m not rally sure what I’d use the one with squares for right now apart from actually playing squares with my husband on trips away! If I was more arty or creative I’m sure I could do a lot more with it.

The  bright, floral designs are what I love most about this notebook set though. The colours are so eye catching that you can’t help but notice them. They’re certainly the type of notebook that makes me happy each time I take it out of my bag.

Edie & Rona

Caroline gardner gift set

Something else I really love is a nice pen. I know to some people that sounds a bit weird. They just don’t get it and that’s okay. However, I am so picky and particular about which pens I use. When I go to work I take 3 pens with me and they stay with me all the time. No one else is allowed to use them and I near enough guard them with my life.

Edie & Rona

These Caroline Gardner pens go perfectly with the floral notebooks because they’re also bright and colourful. The set of three pens currently costs £17.99 which is about £6 a pen. Trust me when I say that these are a dream.

Not only are the colours of the pens stunning but they are so nice to write with. The nib is super smooth and I could sit writing for hours with these.

The pens are also multinational. On the end of each pen is a pink stylus nib. I love how these pens can switch from writing to use on a tablet or phone in a second. They’d be great for if you’re working on a tablet but need to write things down at the same time.

Edie & Rona have quickly become a new favourite of mine for stationery. I have my eye on a few other pieces already and I know people that would love some bits as gifts!

edie & rona are giving my readers a fantastic 20% off when they use the code ‘organised20*. get yourself stylishly organised!

*Code expires 31st May 2017

Disclaimer: We were sent products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.







From Newborn to Toddler with Tiddlers & Nippers

As you have probably guessed this week I am a massive fan of stationery. I love how there are so many different uses and there really is something for everyone. However, there doesn’t seem to be much around for pregnancy, babies and toddlers apart from the usual memory books. When I discovered Tiddlers & Nippers I was excited!

Tiddlers & Nippers

Tiddlers & Nippers have come up with a range of notebooks/ journals to help you track everything about your baby from newborn all the way to toddler. I wish I had known about these when Erin was first born because I would have found them super useful.

For 0-6 months there is the Tiddler Tracker.

For 6 months + there is the Tiddler Weaning Tracker

For 12 months + there is the Tiddler Toddler Tracker

For everything else there is the Nipper Notebook

Each journal comes in a variety of colours and designs.

Tiddler Toddler Tracker

Erin is currently going through a bit of a strange phase with her food at the moment. Sometimes she will eat okay and sometimes she will only eat one thing like sandwiches. It’s hard to remember what she has eaten and when sometimes which is why the Tiddler Toddler Tracker is perfect. There is plenty of space to write down what Erin has eaten and had to drink each day and also how many oz of milk she has had.

This journal isn’t only about food though. There is space on each page to track sleep, what you and your baby gets up to and any milestones they may have achieved!

Now that we don’t do as many baby/ toddler classes as we used to the activities section is really useful for us. I try to vary what me and Erin do each week and this helps me choose something different to do each day so nothing gets repetitive!

The Tiddler Toddler Tracker has enough space for 6 months worth of tracking which means it will last for quite some time.

Nipper Notebook

The Nipper Notebook is a ruled notebook where you can document anything you want about your child. In the front there is page to put some information such as name, birth date and weight when the child was born and contact information.

This is a lovely notebooks just for writing down anything that might happen or thoughts that you have about parenting.

I think I’ll be using my Nipper Notebook to take out and about with us to write down anything amazing Erin does or any good ideas I have/ see while we’re out.

Which of these Tiddlers & Nippers journals do you like the sound of the most?

Dislcaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.




Organise Your Life With Busy B

I like to think I’m quite an organised person. I love lists and I like nothing more to make plans. However, I love to write things down properly and not have it all on my laptop. This means the need for some stationery to help me plan. Busy B have a wonderful range of products which are perfect to help you organise your life.

Busy B

Budget Book

Like a lot of families, John and I can easily find ourselves overspending now and again. This year I really want to figure out where we can save some money and this budget book is perfect.

The budget book has sections for each month of the year with pages for regular and extra income, Direct Debits and Standing Orders, expenditure and credit/ store card spends. Each month also has a little pocket for receipts which is lovely as it keeps everything nice and tidy.

There are also additional pages for Christmas spends, holiday savings and regular savings. I personally love the Christmas pages as I shop all year round and I sometimes forget what I’ve bought and who for.

Meal Planner

Every now and again I write about meal plans. It used to be weekly but we’re having food issues with Erin at the moment so they’re just not working. However, I do like to plan for me and John and this meal planner and shopping list book is fantastic.

There sheets inside the meal planner are detachable so you can either take the whole book out with you or just one sheet of paper. The planner also comes with 2 magnets which are perfect for popping your lists on the fridge!

Travel Wallet

I love going away and I absolutely hate when I don’t have a holiday booked. Being a bit of a control freak when it comes to traveling though means needing to know  where all of our documents are. They also need to be easy to get to for whenever I need to get to them. The Busy B Travel Wallet is everything that I’ve been looking for!

Now that we are a family of three it made me happy to see that there is space for up to 6 passports. This will make going through the airport a breeze!

The front pocket is perfect for travel cards or any other tickets you may have.

There is also a large pocket at the back which is fantastic for any printed tickets, itineraries or hotel bookings etc.

This travel wallet is going to make traveling so much easier for us and it will also take a lot of stress and panic away from me. The other great thing is that it is so stylish so I will be more than happy to carry this around with me when needed!

Like the look of these products?

Busy B are giving my readers 15% off* with the code MEHIM

*The code is for one use per customer and is valid until 31st July 2017.

Disclaimer: We received these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.






Colour and Fun Children’s Stationery

National Stationery Week is about more than about pretty notebooks, cool pens and gorgeous planner. We need to make an effort to remember and include our little people during National Stationery Week. Erin is now nearly 16 months old and just beginning to discover painting, crayons and pens.  Colour and Fun helped us out with a whole range of products to get Erin interested.

Before we get into reviewing the products, I will say that I did test out most of these for the purpose of this post. Erin has a tendency to try to eat everything at the moment and she also can’t really tell me what she thinks of anything.

 Baby Colour pens

When it comes to buying pens and crayons for babies, especially as young as Erin, safety is a massive selling point.

These baby colour pens have a lovely rounded tip so babies aren’t able to pull them off. The caps are also baby friendly as they are vented safety caps to prevent choking. On top of that, they’re super washable pens so they shouldn’t stain!

100 colour pens

You’ll be spoiled for choice with this massive bumper box of colouring pens. The box has 100 pens and a really nice variety of colours. There are varying shades of each colour which allows you to be really creative with whatever you’re using them for.

I decided to borrow one of Erin’s colouring books to test out some of these products because, well, I don’t have one of my own! If I had to draw with them you’d have been seeing pages and pages of stick men.

The pens have quite thick nibs but don’t let that put you off. The very tip of each pen is a fine so they work really well for both detail and colouring in larger areas. Colouring in with these pens is also super smooth. Some pens can be quite scratchy but I didn’t find that to be the case with these.

I found the colours to be a true representative of the colour on the casing which is great. I’ve had cheap sets of pends in the past where the colours turned out to be awful but that is definitely not the case with this set.


I think the Megastamps are probably my favourite product from everything we received. They’re so much fun.

As you can see from the picture below, I’m really not all that creative when it comes to thinking up what to draw or write. However, I wanted to show off what each of the stamps were.

I love that there is a range of colours and pictures. Each stamp only took one sort of firm press down on the paper and just look how good they turned out. The quality is fantastic. There was no ink running and messing up the image so they have all come out really clear.

I can see Erin loving these when she’s a little bit older. They’re going to be great for teaching her what each stamp is!

72 Wax Crayons

Ah, wax crayons. I remember having these as a child and I couldn’t wait to get Erin some. In true Erin style though she has tried to eat them so far. I don’t think they tasted very nice though.

In the box you get 72 wax crayons and they’re exactly what you’d expect from a wax crayon really. The box doesn’t have the widest range of colours though which is a bit of a shame. However, there are multiple crayons in the same colours so at least if you break one/ run out of one you have another spare.

24 colouring pencils

Colour and Fun

Erin is most definitely not allowed these colouring pencils yet because she is only 1 and they’re pretty sharp. The pencils are recommended for children over 3 and they’ll be a bit more aware of what they’re doing. Knowing Erin she’d take her eye out with them!

The pack of 24 pencils have a lovely range of colours and they’re really smooth to colour in with. I hate seeing harsh lines when colouring but I didn’t get that at all.

I really like that these pencils come in a slim box. I think I’d like to take a colouring book away with me sometimes to keep me occupied on an evening/ on the train and these wouldn’t take up much space at all in a bag.

Colour and Fun

Erin is now set for a very long time with colouring equipment but I think I need to get a colouring book for myself now to enjoy them too!

Find out more about Colour and Fun here:

Disclaimer: We received items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.







London Stationery Tour: Part 1

Today marks the start of National Stationery Week and we’ll be posting all week on this subject. To kick off the week my sister Natalie is guest posting today with the start of a mini series all about the London Stationery Tour.


I was shown a list of shops in London which could be visited as a ‘stationery tour’. Being a huge stationery fan thought this would be great opportunity to visit some new shops and see what I could find. After completing the tour I’ve decided to amend the list of shops a little bit. Some of the shops on the tour are closed now, and some of them weren’t worth visiting. For example, on the original list there were two Paperchase stores; if you visit the shop on Tottenham Court Road then you really don’t need to visit another. I’ve also added a couple of stores which I think that it would be a shame to miss.


213-215 Tottenham Court Road

This store is Paperchases flagship store, I’d never been to this store before I moved to London and now it’s my main destination for stationery supplies. There’s 3 floors selling a huge supply of stationery and arts and crafts supplies, and there’s even a cafe where you can get a free drink once a week if you hold a Paperchase card. If you only have chance to go to one stationery store in London this would be my recommendation. There is so much on sale here, you might not find anything truly spectacular but you’ll be able to buy all of your essentials.

The ground floor sells all of Paperchase’s main collections. Since this is the flagship store the full range of each collection is on sale whereas in smaller stores you might only get a small selection from a few of these. I really like the range of collections which Paperchase has, some are clearly aimed at children but there are plenty that are a bit more sophisticated and aimed towards older shoppers. Each collection tends to sell a few ‘staples’, such as sticky notes, stickers, notepads and paper tapes but there is also a good variety of other products, each collection tends to have its own range of novelty items. Also on the ground floor are diaries and notepads, both Paperchase products and brands such as Moleskine. Paperchase offers a service where you can get your notebooks personalised which costs £5.00 per product, or £3.00 for card holders. There is a very good selection of writing paper, letter sets and note cards, including thank you notes and things like wedding invitations. There is also a huge greetings card section, postcards and wrapping papers. Along with Paperchase’s own branded stickers they have recently added a small collection of Korean sticker brands which I really love, they’re slightly more expensive but nothing that would break the bank.

The first floor has all the party supply ranges along with some slightly more expensive stationery ranges. I’ve not bought a lot from this floor, I’m not one to throw a party but it does look like they have some good themes, they are suitable for both children’s parties and more grown up parties along with hen parties. The stationery on this floor looks pretty classy although some of it is very expensive. There’s also a good selection of stationery aimed at men here which I think can be difficult to find. The cafe is on this floor too, I go and collect my free drink every time I’m in the area since I have a Paperchase card. They’re free to have and it’s worth it for the free drink! You also get £5.00 free to spend in store for every £50.00 you spend.

The second floor sells all of the arts and craft supplies, and it’s also where the craft classes run. There is a selection of really lovely handmade papers, including those from Cavalini papers which are so nice. There are plenty of different kinds of paints, brushes, drawing and painting papers, etc. You can also pick up supplies for tons of crafts here, such as lino printing, decoupage and paper crafts. You can buy a small selection of MT washi tapes, although I think that they’re quite expensive here.

Just a small note on Project Craft – craft courses offered by Paperchase and held here. There’s a really good range of craft classes and they’re fairly inexpensive. You can send the kids to mask making classes, learn how to make paper flower garlands and learn paper crafts such as scrap-booking. I have only done the lino printing course but it was so much fun! Of course you can buy the supplies from the classes here but i think they’re a little over priced, it’s much more worth waiting until you get home and then buying them from Amazon.


Tottenham Court Road

Just a few minutes walk from Paperchase is a good sized Tiger store. Tiger sell a variety of cheap Scandinavian products and not just stationery, so you can visit for affordable home wares, toys and food too. They’re good for cheap note books, tapes, stickers and art supplies. They tend to sell seasonal items too, so if you want some Halloween stationery you’ll find plenty of tapes and stickers for themed for the holiday. Along with art supplies like paper, pens and paints, they also sell affordable canvas and easels, and even wooden figure drawing models.


Tottenham Court Road

There are plenty of Muji stores across London and it’s easy to nip into this one between shops. The stationery section is on the first floor and sells pretty much what other Muji stores sell. It’s good quality and fairly affordable. I like Muji’s plain products, they’re so practical and easy to use. I feel like I’ve gotten to a point where I cannot survive without Muji’s black 0.5 nib pens, if I ever move out of London I’m going to have to seriously stock up because I could not face running out of them. They’re £5.00 for a pack of 6 black pens and they write really neatly for me. My boyfriend is a big fan of the ‘To-do’ lists too which he uses for work. Also on the first floor are various storage items, so not only can you buy stationery, you can also buy something in which to store it away nicely on your desk.



Charing Cross Road
The stationery section in Foyles isn’t huge, but it’s worth visiting. Also, it’s an amazing bookshop so it’s worth visiting in its own right. The stationery section is on the ground floor opposite the cash registers. Foyles have just released their own range of notebooks which are a bit pricey at £10.00 each, but the book themed covers are great. There’s a good range of MT washi tapes sold here but as with everywhere that sells them in London, they aren’t cheap. There are two main reasons for visiting Foyles stationery department, the first is Harry Potter stationery. Short of visiting Platform 9 ¾ (which you should do!) they sell a really good selection. There’s also a great selection of the books including colouring books and Funkos.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter and would like an opportunity to buy more related stationery then The House of Minalima is just around the back of Foyles and they currently have an amazing display of Harry Potter products and there is a shop on the ground floor. They are the company that designed all of the graphics for the Harry Potter films and fantastic beasts, you can buy limited edition posters there, a huge selection of postcards, badges, notebook and some very cool writing paper. This shop sells a lot of products you can’t buy online and isn’t sold as official merchandise, so if you’re a Harry Potter fan it really is a must visit.

My main reason for loving Foyles is that they stock Traveler’s Notebook products. It’s the largest range of these that I’ve seen in London, they sell the leather notebook covers, inserts and limited editions tins. I don’t think they’re relatively expensive either especially as they’re imports.

Are any of these your favourites in London? Foyles is a personal favourite of mine and not enough people know it exists!

Come back for Part 2 in a couple of weeks!