Stroller review: Babyzen YoYo

I have been through a few pushchairs so far. I started off with the Chicco Urban which was our pram and ended up being the first pushchair. I then went for the Mamas and Papas Armadillio Flip XT but it ended up not really being what I needed. My last pushchair was a Quinny Moodd and it was beautiful. Erin loved it from the minute she sat in it. However, the super small basket and short handles meant it didn’t suit us at all. I had then been drooling over the Babyzen YoYo after a friend got one. After a

The Tube and a Toddler

April saw us head to London as a family and with our new(ish) Babyzen YoYo. I had been drooling over this stroller for a while now thanks to one of my friends. I was dreading travelling with the other pushchair we have as it’s so big and bulky. A trip to Cambridge made me realise it just would not cope with the tube and a toddler. This is something I had been absolutely dreading so I thought I’d write about things we did well, things we didn’t and things that I wish we’d done.   We arrived in London at

You have to be short to have a stroller

We’re currently in the market for a new stroller. We have 4 trips to London booked already this year, a trip to Manchester for Blog On and a holiday to Majorca booked for next year. While I love our Quinny Moodd, John finds it hard to push due to the handlebar height. He much preferred our Mamas and Papas Armadillio Flip XT. Instead of a pushchair we need a lightweight stroller to take away with us that is also easy to fold and small too. I have been looking for weeks and I still can’t decide. Last Thursday I took