5 Things To Think About When Planning A Wedding

Summer generally means that it is wedding season. So many people want to get married when the weather is nice. They want outdoor options, perfect photos and a beautiful location. However, there are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. Here are 5! Location This must be one of the most important factors to think about. When John and I got married we chose an amazing location. We actually got married in Orlando, Florida and it was just the two of us. We got married at a really big estate house with gorgeous grounds. I couldn’t have picked

Happy Anniversary to my husband

Happy 3rd Anniversary Husband. Where has the time gone!? 3 years ago today we were are that beautiful house in Florida getting married. All we cared about was each other, the sun shining down on us and me wearing sandals under my wedding dress! Then you locked us out of our hotel room and I stood there sweltering in my dress. I was less than impressed but quickly forgave you. I had just married you after all! I don’t think either of us would have imagined being where we are now, on our 3 year anniversary.  We’ve bought our own house and we have

Guest Post: Reading Romance by Emma

Today I have a wonderful guest post about reading romance by Emma from Book Angel Booktopia. Like me, Emma likes her books steamy and she sure does like to swoon over the male leads! So, over to Emma… Where to begin? I never considered myself overly romantic, I would even go so far as to say I was rather cynical about the whole ‘romance novel’ concept. I remember my mother reading the stereotypical Mills & Boon books when I was younger – you know the ones with the picture of Fabio on the cover and the bodice ripping – yeah

Romance in films

As a big lover of films, I thought I would give you my top romances/ couples in films. This could have turned into one massive list considering the amount of films I have seen but I’ve tried to cut it down a little. The thing about romance in films for me is getting to see people be so utterly happy and in love. I absolutely love the big, grand gestures as well as impressive and romantic weddings. I also really enjoy watching a couple as they grow to love each other and the things that bring them together. Romance films for

Guest post: Romance in YA fiction by Raimy

Today I want to welcome the wonderful Raimy from Readaraptor to the blog. She’s written a wonderful post about romance in young adult fiction from a different perspective. Over to Raimy… Ok I am not the best person to ask about romance, I am not a romantic, I would rather have something practical, or a dinosaur, bought for me than a box of chocolates or some flowers… in fact once when my boyfriend bought me flowers, he also bought a vase because he knew I didn’t have one! So with this in mind, me being here today to talk about my favourite

Guest Post: Top 5 Favourite Book Couples From 2013 by Jessica

When I need a recommendation on a book, especially New Adult books, Jess from Jess Hearts Books is someone I know I can always turn to. We have very similar taste in books and I know if she says I’ll love something, I will love it!  In the theme of love this week, Jess has written a fabulous guest post about her top couples from 2013 books. So, over to Jess! Firstly, I want to say thank you to Lyndsey for having me on her wonderful blog today! And secondly I want to congratulate her on her marriage! To celebrate the happy

Top Romantic Destinations

It’s no secret that I love a holiday but since being with John, my ideas about holidays have changed slightly. Before, I would try to go somewhere a little bit random like Finland and Estonia but now, I want to go somewhere at least a bit romantic and to have a perfect getaway with my man. So, seeing as we are now on our honeymoon, I have been thinking about romantic getaway destinations. Orlando Where we got married Ok, so I know this isn’t the most romantic place that you could choose for a holiday but it is where we are

A poem about love…

So today, on mine and John’s wedding day, I thought I’d share a poem about love. This isn’t just any poem written about love though, my new husband wrote it! I can’t think of anything more perfect to be posting today. What is this ‘love’ that we’d all give our lives for We’d kill and we’d die for We hope and we strive for What is this feeling that strengthens like armour I’ve never felt safer, I’ve never felt calmer Love is my reason for waking from slumber It strikes like the lightning, it rumbles like thunder Before I had