Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?

The weather is FINALLY starting to get nicer and that means a lot of us are heading out into the garden. I know most of us will have a list of yays and nays for having a garden with children but what about when you have a dog? Rattan Direct have come up with this great infographic to show what is safe and what isn’t!

I actually think it’s really hard to keep a garden completely safe for dogs and this infographic is really useful. I wouldn’t have known which plants were poisonous. Last year we had a bit of an issue with random mushrooms growing in the grass and it’s really hard to stop a dog from being interested in these!

The biggest problem with our garden really is that there isn’t any shade apart from when we have the parasol up. Our garden is very long and open, only having a patio, lawn and some decking. We have no plants whatsoever and no trees. This isn’t only a problem for animals but for Erin as well so this is something we need to look into doing soon.

How safe is your garden for a dog, or any pet?!

This post is in collaboration with Rattan Direct. All opinions are our own.


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