How to handle losing your hair

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you might feel that your hair is a big part of your identity. Its colour, length and style can all feed into how you feel about yourself and the image you project to the outside world. Perhaps you see your barnet as a symbol of your vitality and youthfulness or as a marker of your personal sense of style. So, how then do you cope if you start to lose this distinguishing feature? Try to find out the cause If your hairline is receding or you’re finding that strands are coming out easily

How to earn over £125 a year only using your phone

Along with keeping this blog, I also do a lot of other things online. One site that I joined quite a long time ago now was Swagbucks. I don’t do nearly as much on it as I used to but I do use it as a staple to earn some extra cash every month. Today I’m going to show you how to earn over £125 a year only using your phone.   To put it quite simple, I’m really lazy with Swagbucks now and I don’t earn very much from it, even though I could if I put in some more

Red Candy Office Accessories

I have wanted my own office space for quite some time now. We used to have a small library in the house but as soon as Erin started walking and climbing, we knew it was time to go. So, off went the books into the loft and I sold the bookcases. We had an empty space in our big open plan living room/ dining room and it quickly dawned on me that this could be my office space. Now that I have furniture and a desk, Red Candy have helped me out with some office accessories.   My new desk

15 Unanswered Questions About Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is Erin’s absolutely favourite. She loves it so much she stands in front of the television, points and says ‘Woof Woof’ when she wants to watch it. This means I have watched the first 2 series, as that is what is on Netflix, over and over and over! I hate to say it but I ask myself so many questions, most of which I’ll probably never know the answer to.   1. Where are Ryder’s parents? Where ever they are, they are certainly irresponsible. What kind of parents let their 10 year old child ride trucks, go off

5 Blog Must Haves

I have been blogging for quite some time now, about 7 years, and in that time I have come to find certain things that I just cannot blog without. I thought I’d put together a little list of my top 5 blog must haves! 1. Grum Grum is my newest must have and I’ve only been using it for a few weeks. Grum is a scheduling tool for Instagram. Unfortunately, Grum is not free and costs $9.95 per month. However, it is one of the best tools that I pay for. I’m useless at remembering to post to Instagram some

Tips For Getting Free Stuff Without Dealing With Scams

Everyone likes to get a freebie when they can, don’t they? It’s completely possible for you to get free stuff. There are plenty of opportunities out there. That said, for every legitimately free thing you can get, there’s two complete scams set up to get your personal information at the cost of the best UK free samples. If you want to get free stuff without dealing with scams, try the following steps. 1. Set up a “spam catcher” e-mail. This e-mail account is one you have no plans on using for normal correspondence, but rather the address you give out for

Solo naps and how to spend the time!

Erin is 17 months old and something big happened this month. She now naps on her own! I’ll get to why soon but right now, I’m dealing with solo naps and how to spend the time! Erin was born by emergency section and I ended up with a 2nd surgery a week later. Due to this, my recovery was super slow and I couldn’t really get up and about a lot with Erin during those first couple of months. She hated her moses basket during the day so I ended up letting her sleep on me. I sort of never

Baby Book Club Review

It’s no secret that we love books in this house and it’s no different for Erin. The problem sometimes is trying to figure out which books to use for a certain theme or which books go nicely together. Baby Book Club is a great way to receive new books every month through your door!   Each month you are able to get three books delivered with subscriptions starting at £30 for a three month package. 6 and 12 month packages are also available. The books we received this month were worth over double what the monthly cost would be (£10) so