Confessions Of An Emotional Wreck

I always used to make fun of my mum for crying at the silliest things. I used to think it was really funny and I didn’t understand at all why she cried at things I didn’t really think were sad. However, having a baby changes you and it completely fucks up your hormones. Here are the confessions of an emotional wreck: It all started when I was pregnant. The hormones hit me quite quickly and I soon found myself getting emotional about nothing. In fact, the day I found out I was pregnant I had the mother of all arguments

What We’ve Been Watching: August

Welcome to What We’ve Been Watching! Here I talk about anything on TV, Netflix or films that we have been watching for the past month! August has been a bit of a strange month really for television. We have had such a busy month as a family and have had loads of people to stay so we haven’t been watching television as much as we normally would. Chappie My sister has been over to stay quite a lot recently and we have a bit of a thing about what we watch. Nearly every time she stays she makes me watch

New Year, New You: Films That Will Beat The January Blues!

Last year I think I spent far too much time being serious and probably a bit gloomy. I know that a lot of that was due to Erin’s birth and the complications that went with it. However, this year I am determined to let go of that feeling and the saying New Year, New You is what I want to stick to. In order to do this, I want to lighten up a bit more and watch more fun films. My guilty pleasure really is musicals. I have quite a nice collection but I recently realised that there are quite a few