10 Ways To Beat The Post Christmas Blues

10 Ways To Beat The Post Christmas Blues

Up until this year I don’t think I’ve ever really felt the post Christmas blues. Life has always just gone on and with the exception of 2016, I have always been working over the holiday season. This is my first full year of being self-employed and I had a lovely couple of weeks off over Christmas. We had family staying for Christmas and a fantastic New Year and 2nd birthday for Erin but I hated John going back to work on 2nd January. Before Christmas we had my sister staying with us so it had been quite a long time since it was just me and Erin in the house. It felt so empty and lonely.

Since going self-employed and Erin starting nursery this month, John has worried about me being stuck in the house too much and not getting out enough. As my sister is staying with us for some time we have decided to join the gym together. She is looking for a new job after taking redundancy and I need something to do that isn’t work! Now, if you know me at all, you’ll know I am not the exercising type. However, I am overweight and still have problems because of my c-section. I need to do something to lose some weight, be healthier for both me, John and Erin and I’m not going to get that sitting on my arse eating crisps. Exercise is supposed to release endorphins so this is my way of beating the post Christmas blues!

10 Ways To Beat The Post Christmas Blues

Now, exercise and the gym isn’t for everyone (me included) so here are 9 other ways to beat the post Christmas blues:

Katy Stevens Treat yourself kindly. Face masks, bath salts, candles, hot chocolate and lots of relaxing with a warm blanket and fluffy socks! Katy Kicker

Jenny Eaves Get into organising. There’s nothing I love more than getting all the dates on my calendar and daily to-do lists written to keep me motivated! Fresh air and going out on my bike helps too. Monkey And Mouse 

Teri Frecknall Go on an adventure! We love wrapping up warm and heading to the forest to explore in January. We also plan something big for later in the year to give us something to look forward to! Rhyming Mum 

Chermaine Samphire Take up a new hobby or a challenge. Something to keep your mind occupied such as reading, knitting, crafts or even a blog! Chammy IRL

Jennie Jordan Make your home lovely and cosy to get through those dull winter days. Enjoy snuggles under blankets watching films and hot chocolate with marshmallows and embrace those bed-socks and dressing gowns!. Before you know spring will be here! Rice Cakes And Raisins 

Vikki Evans Having a good clear out and sorting stuff to sell on eBay can be very fulfilling and satisfying! Having the new tidiness and space is great for the soul. Family Travel With Ellie

Beth Law I never start any big changes/resolutions at the start of January as it’s often a time where you need a bit of comfort. Don’t add extra pressure on yourself, they can wait a few weeks until you’ve got into a groove. Twinderelmo

Pete Chatfield Take a look at booking a holiday. Even if you can’t afford it this year, finding places to visit over the next couple of years always cheers me up. Household Money Saving

Ayse Erdin Make a little list of all the things you want to do as a family for the year ahead. You’re more likely to do it if it’s written down! Arepops

There are so many ways that you can get out of a funk after Christmas. It doesn’t have to cost loads and you don’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to. 

10 Ways To Beat The Post Christmas Blues

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