How To Save Money Over The Summer Holidays

3 digital side hustles which can boost your income

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The past year has been hard on a lot of us, especially when it comes to work and money. The government‘s furlough scheme only paid a percentage of wages and some people, self-employed people especially, might have been without any work or income at all. With that in mind, there are ways that you can utilise the digital world and use it to make some extra money. Here are just a few ideas:

Use your social media skills

There are so many ways in which you can earn money from social media and a lot of people probably don’t know about a lot of them.

If you are a blogger like myself then you will already be used to using multiple social media channels to advertise your website. Something you could do to earn extra money is to offer your services as a virtual assistant. There are plenty of businesses who are looking for help with their social media channels and other bloggers use these kinds of services to have their social media scheduled in advance.

You can do as much or as little as you want, depending on what your clients need, and fit it in around any other commitments you might have. If you end up working for a parent blogger you might be able to make use of the Mom Life SVG graphics.

Get creative

With sites like Etsy and Instagram accounts selling products now it’s a great time to get creative yourself. You might be fantastic and making greetings cards or doing printing to make art to frame. Maybe you have a printer where you can make decals and stickers. If you do, you could always use the Chaos Coordinator SVG graphics in some of your products.

Setting yourself up as a shop doesn’t take long but make sure you have a good product to sell that people will want to buy. Once you have set up your shop and have products to sell you could also advertise on social media to help create customers. You can show off your skills and let people know what they are able to purchase.

Become a comper

Entering competitions doesn’t necessarily guarantee to earn you any actual money but there are certain things you can do.

The most obvious option is to enter competitions where you do win actual cash. Some of these are run by television channels and cost to enter and the chances of winning are slim as the prizes are usually life changing amounts of money. Of course, someone has to win be be aware of how much you are charged to enter in the first place.

Another option is to enter competitions for all different kinds of things like holidays, cars and products like toys or household appliances. All of these things can either be kept if you want them, used as birthday/ Christmas presents or you could sell them online. There’s no rules against these and by selling any prizes you can really boost your income.

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