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3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

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Does it seem like your home energy bills have been climbing over the past couple of years and have now gotten rather out of control? Are you trying to find ways to reduce the energy bill but aren’t really sure where to start and what changes will offer the best results? Consider yourself in good company, as there are plenty of homeowners just like you who are searching for ways to reduce their energy bills, and even make their home a bit more energy-efficient and conscious in 2021. 

With that said, here are three simple steps that you can take right away that will offer immediate results on your next energy bill.

Take Control of Your Home Heating with a Smart Thermostat

A great place to start is to install a smart thermostat in your home. These allow you to customise the temperature in the home at specific times of day, and only warm the rooms that you are actually using. Of course, the fact that these are smart thermostats also means you can use a companion app to control them, so you can make adjustments even if you aren’t home.

And speaking of the temperature in your home, try adjusting it by turning the heat down one to two degrees if possible. Even if it’s just in the evening while you sleep, it will still have an impact on the energy bill. Just by turning down the heat one degree, you can save on average £80 per year.

Switch to LED Lights

If you haven’t yet made the switch to LED lights, now is the time to embrace the technology. Your lighting actually accounts for a pretty significant portion of your electricity bill, so making the switch to LED lights will provide results. As you start to look around at all the lights you have, do not forget the exterior lights as well. 

If you’re having a hard time finding the right type or size of LED lights, be sure to check out This site has a massive online selection of LED lights and fixtures, all of which can help you bring down the cost of your energy bills. You can also take advantage of their personalised customer service to solve all your doubts about which LED light to choose.

Start Washing Your Clothes in Cold Water

For those of us who are used to washing clothes in warm or hot water, here’s another money saving opportunity. Washing your clothes in cold water will still get them fresh and clean, yet it reduces how much energy you are using. There is no need for that water to heat up. Also, make sure you wait until you have a full load before you wash any clothing.

While these may not seem like huge steps, the fact is that every little helps. These tips can be a great place to get started on your quest to reduce your home energy bills.

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