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3 Things To Look Forward To Before Lockdown Finally Ends

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If like many people up and down the country you are getting tired of the seemingly endless coronavirus restrictions that have plagued our lives for the last 12 months, then fear not as there is plenty to look forward to in the first half of 2021 before lockdown finally ends in June. From March to May there are a whole host of events upcoming to get excited about. Here’s three!

1. Vaccine Roll-Out

With the coronavirus vaccine roll-out well underway and more than half of the adults in the UK already injected, there is great cause for excitement heading into the half-way point of 2021. If you are dying to see friends and family, then one of the most exciting things to look forward to before all restrictions end in June is the ability to start meeting people both outdoors and eventually indoors as we move out of March and firmly into Spring. You might have already had your jab already but if not, then be sure to get it when offered so that you can begin enjoying ‘normality’ again by the time the summer rolls around. Just think how good it’s going to be able to hug your friends and family once again after all of this horrible time away from them all!

2. Easter Weekend

At the start of April, it’s Easter Weekend – which also means two Bank Holidays on both Good Friday and then Easter Monday. If you’ve got kids, then this is a great excuse to do them an Easter egg hunt in the back garden, or simply just a brilliant opportunity to spend some much-needed quality time with them now that they’re back at school. If you’re fortunate enough to have other family members in your ‘bubble’, then a bunch of flowers is a great Easter gift idea that you could give them on the day if you’re able to invite them over. Plus, it’s even possible to order a flower delivery to France online if you’ve got family or friends on the other side of the Channel but still wanted to let them know you’re thinking about them at Easter time. 

3. Eurovision Song Contest

Cancelled in 2020, Eurovision is back in May and will be hosted in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Eurovision is always great fun and a fab opportunity to get dressed up and have a bit of a party at home whilst you watch along! The Netherlands last won the competition in 2019, giving them the right to host the competition this time around – albeit a year later than planned! So, if you’re really up for a sing-song and a dance, why not have a Dutch theme evening in at home? Not much of a music fan? If sport – or more specifically football- is more your thing, then the UEFA European Championships starts in mid-June with England looking to bring football home to Wembley Stadium in the final. We told you that there’s plenty to look forward to still!

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