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4 Ways You Can Introduce Cycling Into Your Child’s Life

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Learning to ride a bike is an iconic milestone in the raising of children. When it is your turn, you can expect a few challenges along the way. 

Still, cycling is helping many kids out there today reach their utmost potential. It is worth introducing your child to the world of cycling as soon as they are ready, and there are a few tips in mind that will help them stick with it and wear a big grin on their face as they do so! 

Keep reading to discover all the ways you can safely introduce cycling into your child’s life. 

Start Small 

There is no rule book that says that all cyclists need to learn within certain time frames and parameters. They may learn much better when that fact is kept in mind. 

When your child is learning a new skill, the best thing you can do is be patient. Try to remove any comparisons they may make between themselves and their peers and encourage them to be focused on the phase of the learning at hand. There is no schedule. There is not even any reward, save for riding the bike properly. Try to help them keep things in perspective, and chip away at what may seem like an insurmountable task bit by bit, day by day. 

Slowly but surely, slow rides on a remote path with training wheels can evolve into trailing down multi-level terrains without the faintest hint of a wobble. It’s about going from one step to the next, and not necessarily getting everything down in a handful of goes. Like with learning many things, these things come with time, muscle memory, and unwavering support and dedication.   

Cycle Together

Any pastime is better when it is done together as a family. If your child is apprehensive about riding their bike, a bit of stiff family competition might be enough to spur them on in kicking those pedals. 

There are many ways to tinker this experience to your liking, from fitting ‘kids seats’ to the bikes or even encouraging your partner to saddle up too. Still, though you may customize your experience with the odd tweak or two, it is to be hoped that the overall experience remains largely the same no matter what you do; good times to be had, with many familial bonding moments to enjoy. 

It is also worth mentioning that you may cover more ground as you ride a bicycle than you would on family walks. It might seem like a minor point, but together, you can all undertake larger adventures of sorts. Numerous miles can be covered, new places can be explored, and great exercise for all can be acquired. If you do it all together, all of these amazing moments will be seamless. 

Insure Their Bicycle 

Bikes can enjoy a range of affordable coverage, meaning that you can protect your family’s property with ease. 

For example, companies like Velosurance offer great bike theft insurance, among other varieties of coverage in damage, physical loss, and liability. Policies can be of the multi-risk or standalone variety, guaranteeing peace of mind whether the bicycle is enjoying active use or sitting safely in storage. Everything you could wish for in a robust insurance policy is here, so do not shy away from their offerings. 

Placing coverage on the bike can also provide you with an organic learning opportunity for you and your child. While insurance might not seem like the most riveting topic to your son or daughter, it can kickstart a conversation about all the necessary admin one must manage in their lives. Instead of discussing the topic in an abstract sense, or how it pertains only to you, the information might stick more if it benefits their lives too in a very direct manner. 

Invest in Safety Gear

When your child is learning to ride a bike, they are almost certain to experience the odd fall. Cuts on elbows and knees can probably be expected. 

If you invest in all the right safety gear, falls will be minor setbacks instead of painful reasons to quit. Obviously, equipment such as helmets are vital for cycling in general. However, things like additional knee and elbow pads might just help them take the brunt of any unfortunate mishaps on the chin (not literally). 

CNN stated in 2015 that even kids on tricycles should wear safety gear, so there is never really a situation where some quality equipment cannot help. Its wearing might seem unflattering or uncool to your child at first but normalising its wearing can help keep them safe. Additionally, if they know they are safer for wearing it, then they may be in turn more confident in their riding, knowing that they are geared up to handle any accidents. Sometimes, looking the part of an able cyclist can help them feel the part too. 

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