5 Affordable Ways to Style Your Summerhouse

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Let’s set the scene. You recently bought a summerhouse from your local garden centre and have had it installed (or you were feeling brave and built it yourself from a flat-pack kit). Your summerhouse looks excellent and is ready for you and your family and friends to use.

However, you can’t help but think that your new summerhouse is missing some styling to make it more unique and to your taste. So how can you customise it and the surrounding area without breaking the bank? Take a look at these affordable ideas for inspiration:

1. Create a Defined Path to It

Does your summerhouse look a bit out of place on your lawn? If so, why not create a clearly defined path to it? There are many ways you can do that, such as laying down outdoor tiles, block paving or gravel.

You should avoid concrete slabs, if possible, because they don’t look very aesthetically pleasing and aren’t exactly light to lift up and move. Similarly, don’t create a path out of tarmac because it won’t look very nice.

2. Paint the Exterior a Vibrant Colour

Your new summerhouse will undoubtedly have come in a standard stained brown or orange to protect the wood from the elements. However, over time it will turn grey and lacklustre. Did you know there are almost limitless choices for exterior wood paint?

With that in mind, consider painting the exterior of your summerhouse a bright and vibrant colour. You don’t need to stick with the usual browns, greens, and oranges that you see covering most summerhouses from new.

3. Make the Interior Like Your Living Room

Your summerhouse isn’t a shed for storing garden tools or items that don’t have a place elsewhere inside your house. Instead, it’s an outdoor building where you, your family, and friends can relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

Make the inside of your summerhouse more homely by decorating it as if it were your living room. For example, you could paint the walls and ceiling, lay down a nice rug or two, and place some comfortable sofas and chairs.

4. Install Some Lighting

Sometimes you might want to spend some time in your summerhouse during a warm summer’s evening. As you can appreciate, there isn’t much light outdoors when the sun sets, so you should consider installing some lighting in your summerhouse.

If you’d prefer not to have lighting powered by mains electricity, there are many battery-powered lighting options you can consider instead. Many will even have dimming controls to create the right ambience, such as for a romantic mood.

5. Add Some Plants Outside the Summerhouse

Last but not least, you should think about adding some plants dotted around your summerhouse. The ones you choose should be to your taste, and you can decide whether to plant them in the ground or in plant pots or raised beds.

You may wish to have some flowering plants adorning the entrance to your summerhouse, for example, or something different like palm trees. Whatever you choose, make sure the plants are ideal for the light conditions by your summerhouse.

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