5 Screen Free Activities to Explore with Your Child

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Playing games or watching something on  a screen is all well and good for your kids, in moderation. You don’t want them constantly glued to a screen of some description all day, there’s too much else out there for them to engage with. Finding other ways to play with a variety of things is a great way to encourage creative thinking in your children

Thanks to guidance from a Prep School in London, here are five screen free activities to explore with your child.


What kid doesn’;t like playing with toys!? PLaying with toys sparks your child’s imagination as they make up stories for thor toys during playtime. If there are some toys your child seems to have gotten bored with, find a way to bring attention and life back to that toy through other things around the house; recycling is also an important lesson afterall! 

Get Moving 

If your child has been glued to a screen too long , you’re going to want to snap them out of it. A great way to do that is to surprise them with an active activity from dancing to star jumps or what have you. That way they’ll notice the importance of keeping active and moving! You should also try and get outside as much as you can, to get some fresh air as well as keep them in touch with the world around them.

Cook With Them 

If your child is old enough, you can start working in the kitchen together. Whether it’s getting them to help make a cake mix, or helping collect ingredients and try different recipes, introducing your children to cooking is an important life skill to learn, while also being a fun and active experience to pass the time. 

Treasure Hunt 

It doesn’t just have to be  Easter time for you to have a hunt in the garden. Whether it’s hiding toys or sweets out in the garden, making a treasure hunt at home is a fun activity that will keep your kids moving as well as inspiring an active imagination. 

Art Attack 

Inspire your children to test their artistic skills. BE it through drawing and colouring, or painting a picture, getting your kids arts and crafts can inspire them to let their creativity run wild. Art is a great form of expression as well, so you never know what could happen once you hand your child a paint brush.

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