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5 ways to make a visual impact with interior design

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Whether you own your own home, or you rent a property, you will want it to be comfortable to live in and you will want it to look as nice as possible. Making a house a home can take years and it can be a lot of hard work, depending on where you live. You might want your rooms to really stand out, or have that special feeling to them, and there are many ways that you can do this. Here are 5 ideas to consider:

Feature wall

If you’re looking to make a real statement in any room then you could consider a feature wall. This is something that will work well in most rooms, whether that be a living room, dining room or bedroom and there are lots of different ways that it can be done.

One of the easiest ways to create a feature wall is to paint one wall a bold colour and leave the others plain. This wall will definitely stand out compare with the rest and you can then add accessories in other areas of the room to match.

Another way to create a feature wall is to choose a striking and bold wallpaper. There are so many different options available when it comes to wallpaper but this could be a good choice if you need to hide walls that aren’t quite as smooth as you’d want them to be or if you want a feature wall that uses various colours instead of one.

Use decals

A quick and easy way to make a big difference to a room is to use decals on the wall. A lot of stores on Etsy sell these but you can also design your own with free fonts on this site. By designing your own, you can use whatever words you like, make something personal to you and your family and play around with the design until you’re absolutely sure you have it right. The great thing about decals is that they can be removed quite easily and you can change what you have if you feel like a change. Decals are cheap and using them means you don’t have to have a big budget available.

Add artwork

Sometimes the walls of a room can look plain and bare, no matter what colour paint you use on them. Some properties, especially old Victorian houses, have very high ceilings and therefore, have a lot of wall space. You can easily use artwork to add something special to a room in your house and there are always designs available to suit each space. Depending on the type of artwork and frame you choose, you might be able to easily swap these over if you decide to change the colour or design in your room. Buying new prints for existing frames is a much cheaper idea than completely replacing your artwork.

Posterlounge prints and frames

Make it personal

Over the last few years gallery walls have become very popular and are now in a lot of people’s homes. It’s not unusual to see a gallery wall in a living room, or up the stairs in a hallway. Gallery walls can make a really big visual impact, especially if you and your guests can see it as soon as they enter your house. This type of feature can also be a really nice way to frame and remember some of your families most precious and favourite moments. Gallery walls can easily be changed too if you want to update pictures with something more recent or more exciting.

Use interesting furniture

Although still very popular, there is more to furniture than an IKEA flatpack. You might not know what you want to do with a room until you find that super special piece of furniture that is just right! There are lots of places to find interesting furniture such as vintage markets or shops, eBay and Etsy. New furniture can be a real inspiration for a room and it can be a lot of fun shopping for what you need.

Another option with furniture is up-cycling, which is very popular at the moment. As above, there are plenty of places to look for furniture to up-cycle but Facebook is probably one of the best. People tend to sell things quite cheaply on Facebook (where I live anyway) and you can pick up a real bargain. Be prepared to put in some time with up-cycling though and it would also be a good idea to do some research beforehand if this is something new for you. You might get the bug though and want to up-cycle things you already own!

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