6 month milestones

So Erin is 6 months old. That half year has gone incredibly fast. I thought I’d write a little post about how she’s getting on and milestones she’s reached at 6 months old.

It’s strange really because doctors still don’t class Erin as really being 6 months old. She was born at 36+4 so technically she’s a preemie baby. My health visitor advised me not to go off ‘normal’ 6 month milestones because Erin probably wouldn’t reach them.

However, I don’t really feel like Erin is ‘behind’ at all.

Erin is now getting on for being at the 50th percentile mark for her weight. Only 2 months ago she was at the 9th percentile mark so we’re really catching up from the 4lb 8oz she was when she was born. Erin absolutely loves done and has quickly dropped to 2, sometimes 3 bottles a day. Since going on to 3 meals a day it has become clear what she prefers.

Sadly, there are no real signs of rolling just yet… unless Erin is completely naked. If she is laid with only a nappy or nothing on she can get quite close to rolling but not quite. I’m not sure rolling is her thing. Erin is much happier being sat up and can nearly do it completely unaided.

On the day that Erin turned 6 months old she cut her first tooth. The week previous had not been fun with all the drool, agitation and generally being annoyed at the world. I was so excited to see that tiny bit of white pop through. Now I just think it’s strange.

So, as things go at this age I think Erin is doing fantastically well. I’m so proud of her when I can see her really trying to do something new and I know she’ll get there eventually with everything.

10 thoughts on “6 month milestones”

  1. She’s adorable. My friend’s baby is the same age too and hasn’t rolled yet, which is good, at least she can still leave him on the bed for awhile 😉

    1. Haha! I am very thankful I can leave her in one place for a couple of minutes without having to worry about her rolling off the couch or the bed!

  2. ahh bless.. shes so cute,, and as a preschool teacher i never go by mile stones.. my little one walked at 10 months.. so early,, but only started talking at 2.. no stopping in her now… we are all diffrent

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