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7 Must-Dos for Your Next Las Vegas Vacation

People who have taken a vacation to Las Vegas have called it one of the most memorable trips of their life. There’s just something about this city that brings people out of their shell and allows them to have a great time. When you come here, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of activities and events going on all the time. You can spend less than you might think though if you’re careful with your itinerary. Here are some of the absolute must-do activities when you visit Las Vegas.

Stop in a Casino

Everyone knows the most famous draw to this part of the Nevada desert, so lets get it out of the way early. 

When you venture to Las Vegas you have to at least stop in one of the many casinos for an afternoon. If you are a fan of the fun and casual online slots games that are popular, then this is the perfect opportunity to try out the real machines. You’ll find that every casino has tons of other activities and amenities to enjoy, and there is a lot more to see and do then just gaming here. 

Las Vegas

Visit the Bellagio Fountains

The fountains in front of the Bellagio casino have long been a classic attraction on the Las Vegas strip and arguably still the most popular. More than 1,200 geysers are set in a 8 acre lake, with epic shows going off every fifteen minutes during the evening. When the fountains were first built, it was considered the biggest water show in the world and reportedly cost $40 million dollars. All evening long on a night out in Las Vegas you can stop by to see the incredible fountain show choreographed to music and lights. And While it might not be a hiking holiday, walking around on the strip is also great exercise!

FlowRider at Planet Hollywood

Being in a desert, you wouldn’t expect so many water-based attractions, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit Planet Hollywood to experience the only place to surf on the strip. The FlowRider is a wave pool on the rooftop of Planet Hollywood that allows you to enjoy surfing and boogie boarding. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before. This is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet. If all the waves tire you out, you can always enjoy hanging out in the resort pool instead. 

Check out the Neon Museum 

For a true historical experience, and for fans of the classic mystique of Las Vegas, the Neon Museum simply cannot be missed. This place is a refuge for all of the iconic neon signs that have been salvaged from around the city, some of these even date back to the beginning. In a place like Las Vegas where profit matters, older buildings and attractions are often destroyed to make way for new, glamorous resorts. This museum really takes you through the brick and mortar history of one of the most polarizing places on earth. 

Play a Game at the Pinball Hall of Fame

While we’re discussing vintage attractions, how can we pass up mentioning the Pinball Hall of Fame? Across the US, pinball is making a comeback in a big way for its timeless fun. This building houses over 150 working machines to explore. Take a look around. I bet you’ll find that Guns and Roses model that used to be at your old pizza place. Hours of hour to be had here!

Attend a Las Vegas Raiders Game

Las Vegas has finally become home to an NFL team, and the city could not be happier. The Las Vegas Raiders have as much history in the sport as any other football team can claim. With their move to Nevada finally official, it’s a great opportunity to visit the stadium and enjoy the best sport in America. Even if you can’t catch the game at the stadium, the atmosphere in the city during a game will be electrifying.

Witness the Magic of David Copperfield

In this city, there are hundreds of different live shows to enjoy. Many of them get phenomenal reviews year after year. If you enjoy musicals, or acrobatics, comedy or magic, there is a show for you. Of all these live entertainers, one of the most famous and revered has to be David Copperfield. Often called the “greatest illusionist of our time,” his shows will leave you in a state of wonder and awe.


7 Must-Dos for Your Next Las Vegas Vacation

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