7 ways to stay cool on a summer holiday

7 ways to stay cool on a summer holiday

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It seems like winter is finally behind us and we can start to look forward to warmer weather. With this brings plans for trips away. However, the heat can be an issue no matter where you decide to go on holiday. With this in mind, I wanted to share some ways to stay cool on a summer holiday.

Choose appropriate clothes

One of the biggest mistakes people make while on holiday is choosing the wrong clothes to take with them. Of course, it can be difficult to know what to pack sometimes because of ever changing weather forecasts but there are some things you can still do to help.

Different materials are better for spending time somewhere hot and can help you stay cooler. Things like cotton shirts or dresses for women, especially loose fitting options are great for the warmer weather. The most important thing though is to choose clothes that you are comfortable in and won’t irritate you while you wear them.

Footwear for all occasions

Depending on the kind of summer holiday you have gone for, you want to make sure you have appropriate footwear with you. If you’re planning a week or two in a resort, with most of your time spent by the pool then you’re likely to want more sandals and flip flops than anything else. Maybe you’re planning to do a lot of walking on your holiday, either doing some hikes or just exploring the area. If this is the case you need some good walking shoes that are going to be comfortable for wearing for a long time. Of course, you might also be planning to dress up for dinner and if so, remember to pack some smart shoes or heels.

Stay hydrated

There’s always so much going on when you’re on holiday. This could be a day exploring the local area, relaxing at the beach or maybe an exciting trip to a theme park. However you spend your days, it can be easy to get distracted and forget to drink enough. Make sure you either take plenty of drinks out with you, preferably water, or make time during your day for some breaks. The last thing you want is to get ill while on holiday because you haven’t had enough to drink.

Freeze water the night before

If you’re staying in self catering accommodation then you’re likely to have a kitchen and freezer facilities. When you go for days out, or even for some time at the beach, it can be hard to find really cold drinks that will cool you down. It’s a good idea to freeze bottles of water the night before you need them. The frozen water will slowly melt throughout the day, keeping it cooler for longer.

Find some shade

You will of course want to make the most of your summer holiday and this can mean being out for a lot of the day and over lunch time when the sun can be at its hottest. If you’ve been out in the sun for quite some time already it’s important to take a bit of a break and find some shade for a while. Restaurants and cafes are great choices for this because not only can you cool down a bit but you can make the most of the time and get some lunch or a drink while you’re there.

Wear a hat

For years I made the big mistake of not wearing hats while I was on holiday. It’s easy to forget that the sun can get to your head really quickly, especially in really hot places. However, it’s important to choose the right kind of hat. A good choice would be a woven kind of hat, as there are small holes to ensure air can circulate at the same time as providing a bit of protection.

Keep your neck cool

In some locations, such as Orlando for example, you will find yourself walking around in the heat for hours and hours each day with not many options for cooling down. There are lots of great products available now to help though such as cooling neck towels and neck fans. These are reusable and will definitely help when it gets too hot and can be invaluable, especially if you’re travelling with children.


7 ways to stay cool on a summer holiday

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