Are we doing it right?

I’m sure the title of this blog post is something first time (or just in general) parents ask themselves all the time. I ask myself if I’m doing things right all of the time. I ask my other mummy friends what they do in certain situations which can make me feel a lot better… or worse in some cases!

I think when you’re pregnant or waiting for the birth of your child if you’re a dad you have so many ideas about parenting. There are those ideals in your head and you become desperate to stick to them, only to find out that parenting is not at all how you imagine and you’d actually do anything to get your baby to stop crying.

2016-03-27 18.18.57I recently went out for lunch with a friend whose son is 5 weeks older than Erin (8 weeks if you count the preemie stuff) so she’s a great resource when it comes to things Erin may be doing. I love asking other mums if their children do certain things or what their opinions are on something. This mummy friend in particular is fantastic because she doesn’t judge on anything and she has a great go with the flow mentality. She doesn’t care what other people think of how she brings up her son and she does what is best for them both.

Recently I have been wondering if I’ve been doing certain things properly as a new mum. Going out for lunch with my  friend made me realise that yes, I am doing things right. They might not be right according to doctors or our health visitor but our way of parenting is right for us and Erin. Now, I’m not saying we do anything radically against what our health visitor recommends but we definitely don’t do things by the book all of the time.


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