Bad for You by Abbi Glines

Bad for You is the 7th book in the Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines. 

Blythe Denton has always been alone. She was raised by a minister and his incredibly cruel wife but never had any friends. When Blythe finally has the chance to move away and start over she cannot wait but she knows she isn’t like everyone else and struggles with social situations.

Krit Corbin is no stranger to crowds being the lead singer in Sea Breeze’s most popular band. His life is pretty wild filled with parties and different women every night. When Krit sees his new neighbor for the first time, he knows she isn’t for him. Blythe screams innocent and he is far from that. But, when she turns up at his door during a party to ask for the music to be turned down Krit cannot help himself. Once Blythe walks through that door there is no going back. 

After the last book in the Sea Breeze series, Misbehaving, I have to say that Krit was not a character I was looking forward to reading about. You see, he has an extremely addictive personality and he acted like a complete ass towards Jess (from the other book) and I just couldn’t like him. I’m not one to skip a book in a series though so I had to read Bad for You. 

The book starts with a prologue that makes it impossible to not feel for protagonist Blythe. She comes from a pretty terrible home where she’s constantly put down and told that she’s unworthy of being loved. I was so glad to see her get out of that place and start over on her own. However, she isn’t used to people and quickly finds herself in unfamiliar situations and surrounded by people she has no idea how to talk to. Blythe was so awkward but in a sweet and endearing way. 

Krit, one the other hand, started out just as bad as I’d imagined him to be. He’s a complete player and has this cheeky way about him. He’s all about teasing comments and is quite full of himself. I still had him in my head from the previous book as I’d only read it a couple of days beforehand. Something I will say about Krit is that he knows exactly how bad is he and that he should stay away from Blythe. That obviously doesn’t happen though otherwise there would be no story here! Anyway, Krit soon finds himself befriending Blythe and the two spend a lot of time together. These scenes certainly showed a different side to Krit and slowly I started to like him more and more. Deep down he’s such a sweet and caring kind of guy but like Blythe, he also has a past that haunts him. 

Compared with other books by Abbi Glines I found the plot of this one to be quite slow going. That isn’t a bad thing though as she spends time letting her characters really get to know one another. They both have lives separate to one another and plenty of time is spent with both Krit and Blythe on their own as well as together. This really allowed me to get to know each character without them being overshadowed by one another and what was going on with them together. 

Both Krit and Blythe have a lot to overcome in Bad for You and I really enjoyed watching them grow and change. It was really good to see what effect they had on one another and to see how someone can make you want to be different (although without really changing themselves) and to do new and exciting things. 

This was a really good installment in the Sea Breeze series. I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much but I ended up really liking it. 

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