The influence of a best friend

A good while back now I wrote about Erin making best friends at such a young age. As we go to quite a few baby classes we get to see some people and their children more than others. Someone we see a lot is Megan and Noah, Erin’s best friend.


Now that Erin and Noah are coming up to being 9 months old they really seem to recognise one another. For weeks Erin has immediately wanted to get to Noah when she has realised he was there. Back in July she would try to climb over me to get to him. Now, at the end of September, she can actually climb over me!

We go swimming together every Monday and since the beginning of term a few weeks ago, things have begun to change. Noah is a little monkey and LOVES to splash as soon as he gets in the water. Erin was never really bothered about splashing but now she is. She sees Noah splashing and copies! It would be absolutely adorable if Megan and I didn’t get drenched!

I love that Erin already has a friend like Noah, even if he does try to grab her head every now and again! Erin has already started to borrow Noah’s clothes. I was at least 14 before I started borrowing boy’s clothes!

Erin and Noah

When these two get a bit older and are more mobile I can imagine what they’ll be like. I can see in my head them running around holding hands (they do this already) and causing havoc. These two are cheeky little things on their own so together they could be dangerous.

I really hope these two stay like this for a while longer beforeΒ driving Megan and I a bit more mad!

13 thoughts on “The influence of a best friend”

  1. That is the sweetest! Little T’s first best-friend was also a little boy. I have hundreds of photos of them over the years and while T and F both have their preferred “bestfriends” of the same sex now, they still remain really close πŸ™‚

  2. Oh what cuties! Evie has a friend she’s had since birth and it was amazing watching them at first start to recognise each other and then on purposefully get to each other at baby groups. It sounds like these two are going to have a life long friendship πŸ˜€ x

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