Blog Wish List

Blog Wish List

Last week I wrote about my 5 blog must haves but I thought today, I’d write about my blog wish list.


Pipdig theme

At the moment I’m using a free WordPress theme for the blog. It’s okay but it isn’t pretty and beautiful and everything else I want this site to be. Pipdig have some really stunning themes which make everything look a lot more professional. I have recently changed themes on WordPress and while my site does look better, it’s still not what I want. I want something I can customise more and get exactly how I want it!

I am undecided on which I want to go for at the moment and they cost between £39 and £49 so they’re not too expensive. That is a one time payment as well then it’s yours for life!

If you have a Pipdig theme, do let me know. I love to look at what I could have! 


Capture By Lucy backdrops

I know my Instagram pictures are a bit crap. I have rubbish natural light at home and my floors are not in the kind of condition to use as a backdrop thanks to the previous owners not looking after the floorboards.

Capture by Lucy is THE place to get backdrops for your photos. I’m currently drooling over a couple and can’t decide which to get. I’m hoping that I can afford one or two next month. Right now, I’m drooling over Cloudy Skies, Grey Linen and Grey Planks.

Do you have a backdrop by Lucy? Which would you recommend? 

Olympus Pen E-PL8

I had seen pictures of this camera floating around over the past couple of weeks and I made myself have a look to see what it was all about. I shouldn’t have because now I really want one.

I do have a camera but it’s a good few years old now and it’s so big and bulky so I never take it out with me, which is a shame really. The Olympus Pen is lovely and small while also being able to do what I would need it for. You can also get additional lenses if you want to!

At £550 for the base package, this one is going to have to wait a while unfortunately.

These are only three things on my Blog Wish List right now but I think they’d be the most helpful for me! What would be #1 on your list?

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