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Booking A Disneyland Paris Trip With MagicBreaks

When it comes to booking holidays there are so many options. Booking a holiday to Disneyland Paris is no different and if you’ve never done it before, it can be a bit of a headache. When we started to look at booking our holiday it was quite overwhelming and I went back to it so many times before making a decision. In the end, we booked with MagicBreaks so I wanted to share my experience.

Choosing Magic Breaks

I’ll be completely honest here, our choice to use MagicBreaks was all about money. A lot of the different websites were coming up with breaks for around the same price but some required a much bigger deposit to book. I think a lot of this was because it was more of a package holiday, with transport included and that wasn’t what I wanted. As we were looking for 2021 adding a Eurostar booking was making it cost a hell of a lot more and the deposits were crazy.

Magic Breaks let us book without transport, so hotel and tickets only, and our deposit was around Β£260.


I found the Magic Breaks website really easy to navigate. Sometimes on websites there are too many options and it can be really overwhelming.

There are various options that you can look at from hotel, tickets and transport, hotel and park tickets and also park tickets only. What I found really helpful was being able to search either all Disney hotels or choosing to only search for partner or area hotels. There is a lot of choice but if you have somewhere specific in mind you can narrow down your search easily. As we didn’t know where we wanted to stay at first I chose to look at all Disney hotels and then I could look at each in more detail. We finally settled on the Newport Bay Club Hotel.

Another thing to consider when looking for your holiday is how you want to travel. This could be car, Eurotunnel or Eurostar, maybe even flying instead.


Usually when we book holidays we do everything online with very little help from a real person. While I was searching and looking for more details I was also using the live chat function. When I was ready to book I was advised to call so that I could go over any finer details and to make a payment over the phone. I actually felt a lot more at ease doing it this way as I was then able to ask questions and for anything to be clarified that I wasn’t sure about.

A Disneyland Paris holiday is not cheap, even for only 2 nights and as it’s not somewhere we have been before I wanted to make sure I was booking what we wanted.


A couple of months after making our original booking I decided to look into upgrading our holiday. Due to COVID-19 we had a lot of cancelled holidays this year which meant we had a bit of extra money available. Instead of trying to figure out an upgrade myself I used the chat function on the MagicBreaks website and asked a couple of questions. The lovely lady chatting to me said it would be much easier to chat about options on the phone and asked if she could give me a call. A few minutes later we were going over a few ideas and she was able to get prices for me quickly and explained what the extra would include.

After maybe 30 minutes maximum we had decided to go ahead and upgrade to the Disneyland Hotel which came with Full Board Premium dining for an additional Β£300. Considering we were able to re-book our lunch at Inventions (a day earlier than we had before) and add a character breakfast and princess breakfast, this was well worth it. To be honest, we wanted to stay at the Disneyland Hotel due to the location more than anything but the extra meal options definitely helped to make the price worth the upgrade.

Customer Service

I have to say, the customer service from MagicBreaks has been exceptional. From the millions of questions I asked before booking, to more questions about upgrading, nothing was too much. I know I must have been quite annoying asking so much but the fact that they offered to call me to talk through thing was really great.

Although we haven’t been on our holiday yet, I am so glad that we booked with Magic Breaks. They have been nothing but helpful so far and that goes a long way. Now, time to plan some must dos at Disneyland Paris!


Booking A Disneyland Paris Trip With MagicBreaks

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