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Bring The Summer Sun With These Lockdown Gifts For Your Mum

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Summer Themed Gifts For Mum During Lockdown.

Summer 2020 may as well be off the cards, the past months of coronavirus lockdown and furloughed workforces have given many people plenty of time to relax and soak up some sun, to the point where many are eager to get back to the grindstone! During this uncertain time we many of us have spent a long time away from our families, and more so our Mums, so as we start to move out of lockdown and are allowed to reunite now is a great time to bring some summer sun with these brilliant gift ideas!

Boozy Hamper

These hampers are great, filled with all kinds of wonderful tipples, mixers, and nibbles, what’s more, is they are completely customisable meaning you can fill your hamper with all of your Mum’s favourite boozy treats and snacks making it the perfect gift! Pair your cocktails with some ice, sunshine, and the back garden and you will be halfway to a tropical paradise.

Garden Music Festival 

Many of us around the country are still in an uproar that our beloved music festivals have been cancelled, the one chance to let your hair down and let your free-spirited nature run wild. Now for many of us our Mum’s may not be too into the idea of 5 days in a field without access to modern washing facilities, but what they will be open to is a music festival in your garden! Just a few simple decorations, some drinks (from your boozy hamper) a neatly laid out seating area, snack food, and your favourite albums will see you partying like its Glasto in your backyard. You can find some visual inspiration here.

Inflatable Hot Tub

If you want to bring summer feeling with your gift, then nothing screams carefree summer holiday like a hot tub in the garden does. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune getting one of these installed as you can find many inflatable offerings from the high-street and supermarket retailers.

Personalised T Shirt

To go along with the boozy hamper and garden festival you will need a way to look the part and make memories and there is no better, or suitable way, than with your very own personalised t shirts. You can have anything you want to be printed on your custom t shirts and the only limitation is your imagination. If you want to create your own custom t shirt head over to Banana Moon Clothing who have an easy to use on-site design platform.

Backyard Waterslide

If the hot tub idea didn’t make a splash, then a backyard waterslide will! These are great fun for the whole family, not just your Mum, meaning this gift will occupy the rest giving your Mum a chance to break away for some well-earned rest and relaxation and as the lockdown is eased and we can allow more friendly faces into our homes there will be a queue for the waterslide.

Ice Lolly Maker

We will soon be welcoming in the warmer weather and this brings with it many things, such as sunburn, an eternal thirst, and a desire to cool down more than anything else. When the sun is shining, and the mercury is stretching towards the top of the scale there isn’t a more delicious way to cool down than with an ice lolly. If this idea gets your taste buds tingling, then a home ice lolly maker will make a perfect gift for your Mum. The best part about making your own is the varieties of flavours you can use, and experiment with if you are feeling creative! Be warned though, once the family catch wind of these frozen treats they won’t be around long, so make plenty, or make them in secrecy!


Bring The Summer Sun With These Lockdown Gifts For Your Mum

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