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I like to think I’m quite an organised person. I love lists and I like nothing more to make plans. However, I love to write things down properly and not have it all on my laptop. This means the need for some stationery to help me plan. Busy B have a wonderful range of products which are perfect to help you organise your life.

Budget Book

Like a lot of families, John and I can easily find ourselves overspending now and again. This year I really want to figure out where we can save some money and this budget book is perfect.

The budget book has sections for each month of the year with pages for regular and extra income, Direct Debits and Standing Orders, expenditure and credit/ store card spends. Each month also has a little pocket for receipts which is lovely as it keeps everything nice and tidy.

Budget Book
Budget Book

There are also additional pages for Christmas spends, holiday savings and regular savings. I personally love the Christmas pages as I shop all year round and I sometimes forget what I’ve bought and who for.

Meal Planner

Every now and again I write about meal plans. It used to be weekly but we’re having food issues with Erin at the moment so they’re just not working. However, I do like to plan for me and John and this meal planner and shopping list book is fantastic.

There sheets inside the meal planner are detachable so you can either take the whole book out with you or just one sheet of paper. The planner also comes with 2 magnets which are perfect for popping your lists on the fridge!

Travel Wallet

I love going away and I absolutely hate when I don’t have a holiday booked. Being a bit of a control freak when it comes to traveling though means needing to know  where all of our documents are. They also need to be easy to get to for whenever I need to get to them. The Busy B Travel Wallet is everything that I’ve been looking for!

Now that we are a family of three it made me happy to see that there is space for up to 6 passports. This will make going through the airport a breeze!

Travel Wallet

The front pocket is perfect for travel cards or any other tickets you may have.

There is also a large pocket at the back which is fantastic for any printed tickets, itineraries or hotel bookings etc.

This travel wallet is going to make travelling so much easier for us and it will also take a lot of stress and panic away from me. The other great thing is that it is so stylish so I will be more than happy to carry this around with me when needed!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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