Car care and tyre safety tips for safe family travels

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Summer will soon be upon us and after months and months of not being able to go anywhere I’m sure a lot of us are getting itchy feet. While most holidays abroad are off the cards this year we still have the whole of the UK to explore, and there are some amazing places that you can go. You might be looking to go on a super fun road trip this summer but make sure you have done all of the necessary car checks to make sure you’re safe before you go.

Car seat safety

Travelling with any child means that you will need a suitable car seat, whether this be for a baby, toddler or older child. Some car seats are suitable for younger children with a 5 point harness which can then be altered to also fit older children too and it’s important that you check that your child will be both safe and comfortable. Have a practice run of getting your child into the seat well in advance of your trip and make any adjustments to straps etc. as needed.

Breakdown cover

Although this is something you should have all of the time, it’s especially important that you have when travelling. If you already have a policy in place then be sure that it will last for the entirety of your trip. If you don’t have breakdown cover then give yourself time to shop around to find the best deal. When everything is sorted keep your policy number and any other details safe so you can access them if you need to.

Check your tyres

Regardless of how far you are going on your travels you won’t want to go anywhere without having your tyres checked. Once you have had this done you might realise that you actually need new tyres before you go off on an adventure. Something a lot of us struggle with though is having the time to go and get this done.

You might not have heard of them before but mobile tyre fitters could be a game changer for you. Imagine having someone come out to your home, your place of work etc. instead of having to go out to them. Services can also include things like disposal of old tyres and wheel balancing, as well as having your new tyres fitted. Get in touch with experts at Fife Autocentre for mobile tyre fitting (01592 631211) for more information about what services they can offer you.

Car servicing

It’s no secret that you should get your car serviced regularly but we all know that some things can slip under the radar or get put off for longer than it should. If you are planning a long adventure or a long road trip then having your car serviced beforehand would be a good idea. It could throw up any issues you’re not aware of and this way you have time to fix anything before you go off and have fun with the family.

Emergency supplies

When you are travelling as a family you want to be prepared for as much as possible. It’s a great idea to keep an emergency kit in the boot of your car so that you have everything you need, no matter what happens. This could include things like a first aid kit, bottled water, torch and batteries, spare powerbank/ charger for your phones, maps etc. There is quite a lot to think about when it comes to an emergency car kit but you could be really glad you’d packed it one day.

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