Creating A Cosy Corner With BeanBagBazaar

AD | Gifted item With Erin just about to turn 4 she is quickly realising that she wants different things in her bedroom. The way she uses the space now is vastly different from how she did even a year ago. She wants somewhere comfortable and cosy to chill out and relax and somewhere to sit and look at her books. I wanted to get something that would last Erin a long time and work well for at least the next few years. We recently received the ICON™ Kenai Faux Fur Bean Bag in Arctic wolf. BeanBagBazaar also

Food re-distribution helps to remove food poverty

AD | Collaborative post Unfortunately, there is an increasing issue with poverty across the UK, and the most devastating part is that it is affecting children the most. Poverty affects 6 million people in the UK and for several of these people that means they will go a whole day without food.  What’s being done to try and eradicate poverty? In terms of food, there are charities in the UK that work to provide food for food banks and school clubs so that people can have a decent meal each day. Although this might seem

Things to Consider About Pet Hair Vacuums

AD | Collaborative post Pets are cute and they are fun to be with; they keep you company, just like a true friend. These furry friends do not complain much, and are everywhere, even inside the house they go to every nook and corner of your home. When they do that, they leave a mess of fur everywhere. Luckily, vacuum cleaners are now available to help clean up after your pet, especially in the fur all around the house.  Vacuum cleaners can help, but do not rush into buying one without considering a few things.

What To Think About When Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

AD | Paid collaboration When we bought our house we did so with the idea in mind that Erin would have a fairly big bedroom. I always had a small bedroom and I never felt like I could really spread out and relax in there. I had the box room for a long time and I remember wanting to have options for where my furniture went or I wanted to be able to have friends over without being squished. Now that we have a house with space and Erin has a room with loads of

VonHaus Colonial Storage Chest Review

AD | Gifted At this time of year I am in constant preparation for Christmas and Erin’s birthday on New Year’s Day. I’m sure you can imagine how much stuff we end up with at home within a short space of time. Between Christmas and birthday presents Erin get a lot of new things and of course, they all need to go somewhere. While I do try to have a bit of a clear out beforehand that’s not always enough so this year I have looked into new storage options. Wanting something clean, simple and

Gardening for your wellbeing

AD | Collaborative post Mental health isn’t a straight line. There are ups and downs, substantial curve balls and incredible highs. And sometimes there are dips. Anyone can experience periods where we aren’t quite feeling ourselves. And there could be a number of reasons too. Anxiety can creep up on us when we least expect it. SAD – seasonal affective disorder, can hit hard over the winter months. OCD – obsessive-compulsive disorder can have long term impact. And there are many other things in between too. In fact, it is said that mental health will

Specialist tradesperson or jack-of-all-trades? Choosing the right trade company for you

AD | Collaborative post You may already know someone who can always ‘fix that’. The handyman is still very much an occupation, and a multi-skilled one at that. But if you do know someone who seems to just do a bit of everything, would you want the same person who hangs your wallpaper to move a radiator? Or the person that mows your lawn to fix your roof?  So when it comes to actually getting out there and looking for a tradesperson yourself, how are you supposed to know what skills to look for? Here’s

Beard Care Tips For New Dads

AD | Collaborative post Being a dad for the first time is a magical experience. Bringing new life into the world is a whole new responsibility, and for many, it can quickly make us feel exhausted. Being more tired can result in new dads neglecting their appearance, or being unable to find the time to get back to their regular grooming routine.  To help dads get back on track each day, here are some useful beard care tips for new dads, or those dads who really need to get back into their grooming routine! Find