How to Keep Your Engagement Ring in Top Condition

AD | Collaborative post After the rush and excitement of the proposal has eased, there’s a lot of practicalities to consider when caring for your engagement ring. If you’re recently engaged, here’s a few helpful tips for keeping that beauty in tip top shape! Take it off! Obviously, we all want to sport our rings and let the world know that we are happily taken, but it’s for the greater good that you know when you should take off your engagement ring. Cleaning products with harsh chemicals can really damage your ring, especially if it has unusual stones like opals.

Non-Wired Bras Aren’t Just For Small Boobs

For as long as I can remember, probably since I even started wearing a bra, they have been underwired. I’ve always been on the larger side, both in the body and the busy, so I think it was just the ‘norm’ to have a bra that had wire in it. I don’t even really ever remember getting a choice or being aware that there was many other options available for me. I had underwired bras and that was that. I must have started to wear bras at around age 13 I think. I remember going on a school trip to

Taking Time To Look After Myself

Over the past couple of months I’ve been determined to make a change. Since Erin was born 4 years ago I can honestly hold my hands up and say I haven’t looked after myself as well as I should have. I’ve gone months without having my hair cut, worn jeans until I’ve worn holes in the thighs and scraped the last tiny bit of foundation out of a tube rather than buy some more. The thing is, money obviously plays a big part in being able to do some things. We have had a couple of hard years with ups

Children’s Book Review: Dandilion’s Dream

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links (marked with *)  It’s been a little while since we’ve done one of these posts but we’re back with another children’s book review and this time it’s for Dandelion’s Dream by Yoko Tanaka. It was published by Walker Books on 6th February 2020 and it can be purchased on Amazon*. What if a dandelion became a dandy lion? With enchanting, ethereal art, this is a wordless story where reality is transformed by imagination. In a meadow filled with dandelion buds just about to flower, one dandelion blooms into a real lion. Roots

Top 3 Family Shows Based On Disney Films

AD | Paid collaboration For many children, Disney films are an important and influential part of their childhood. Not only do most children know all the words to every Disney song, but a Disney Princess Dress or soft toy will undoubtedly have made its way into their toy box. So, what could be more exciting and magical than seeing your favourite Disney film transformed into a high energy, all-singing and all-dancing live stage performance?  On the bright lights of London’s West End, there are many musicals which have been based on Disney films. Not sure where to find them? Discover

The First Broken Bone

Sunday here is a day where John and Erin usually go out for a few hours together and then play at home in the afternoon. This particular Sunday was really no different. John and Erin were playing upstairs together when all of a sudden I could hear crying and Erin saying she just wanted me. I left it a little while as sometimes Erin can overreact but when she didn’t stop, I had to go up to see what was wrong. Erin was very quick to come to me but wouldn’t let me anywhere near her right arm. I went

Let’s Make Learning Fun With Blippi Toys

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) When we started to let Erin watch YouTube I wondered what there might be for children her age. Obviously, that’s not something I went looking to watch on my own. Erin quickly found a couple of favourites and one of those was Blippi, an American channel full of fun and educational videos for children. There haven’t been many days that have gone by since then that Erin hasn’t watched at least one Blip video and we’re always waiting for a new one to be uploaded. Although Blippi has

Looking Forward To Summer With Suneez

AD | Gifted items I know it’s only February but a lot of us are already starting to think ahead to the warmer months (or hoping they come around quickly). Something I personally can’t live without when it’s sunny is my sunglasses. I’ve had the same pair of sunglasses for over 8 years now but I definitely can’t say the same for Erin. Last year I think she managed to break 2 or 3 pairs and making sure she looks after them is hard work. This year I’m determined to find a pair of sunglasses that Erin won’t break within