How To Look After Your Child’s Ears

AD | Collaborative post At this time of year we see a lot of posts online, whether it be in the news, blogs or on social media, about keeping your children healthy and happy in the colder months. However, something that seems to get overlooked is ear health! Find a solution to any problem With children, it can be dangerous to put off any kind of health issue but ear problems can be really serious. Ear wax can build up quite easily and while some wax is necessary you don’t want a child with blocked ears. Visits can be done

Interesting Hobbies To Take Up This Year

AD | Collaborative post When I talk to friends or family members a lot of them seem to have really cool hobbies. Apart from running a blog I don’t think I really do anything that I could call a hobby. I used to read quite a lot, which is how I started blogging, but otherwise I don’t have a hobby. Now that we are in a New Year it could be time to make more time for yourself to do something or maybe you want to find a hobby that you can do with a partner. Either way, here are

Tips For Starting A New Business

AD | Collaborative post Starting a business of any kind can be a scary and daunting task to take on. Before you even get started there is so much planning to do and so much to think about. There are some things to think about before you’re ready to go though and while these might not suit everyone, they may be things you haven’t thought about yet. Budget One of the biggest, and most important, things to learn early when it comes to business is how to deal with money. It’s all well and good having great ideas and wanting

How To Make Self-Employment Work For You

AD | Collaborative post Back when I was on maternity leave I was the manager of a soft play area and bowling alley but I knew that I didn’t want to go back to that job. When my maternity leave ended I knew that I didn’t want to go back to that job, especially as it was full time, and I was lucky that I found something part time only working evenings at a supermarket across the road. However, that didn’t even last a year as I quickly realised that I was too used to being the one in charge

5 Ways To Look After Yourself More This Year

AD | Collaborative post One of the things that I wanted to get out of 2020 was to make sure I look after myself more. Erin is 4 now and I feel like for those past 4 years I just haven’t taken enough time for myself. So, now that we have Mum living with us, John not working overtime on weekends any more and having a bit more money than normal, it’s time to take care of myself better. Here are some ideas for if you’re in the same position as me: Dining solo If you are someone with children,

New Skills To Learn In 2020

AD | Collaborative post A New Year usually means making New Year’s resolutions. While a lot of these can be to lose weight, exercise more or maybe see more of your friends there are lots of other things that you could do instead. Something that could be really fun is learning a new skill. This could be a way of pushing yourself to do something different or out of your comfort zone. You might be interested in learning one of these new skills this year: DIY We live in an old Victorian house and as well as the previous owners

Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

AD | Collaborative post Erin has just turned 4 and we have done lots of different things to celebrate her birthday. I think we have done something different for each of her birthdays so far so I thought it would be a nice idea to put these together in a blog post, as well as throwing in some new ideas too. Cake smash For Erin’s first birthday I knew that I wanted to do a cake smash with her. However, I didn’t want to pay someone else to do it with us but I did want to do it at

Simple Tips To Reduce Stress In Your Life

AD | Collaborative post In my every day life I have a busy family to look after and I am also self-employed. On a day to day basis I have a to-do list longer than the paper it is written on and I have so much to think about. Things can quickly get out of hand and if I let anything slip but I also realise that it’s impossible for me to do absolutely everything. Stress can creep up on you if you have a lot to do so I wanted to share some ideas for how to reduce stress