Dealing With A Daredevil Toddler

Erin was born premature at 36+4 and even though she was a tiny 4lb 8oz, I don’t think I ever really thought too much about how small and fragile she really was. I look back at pictures of Erin as a newborn now and I think she can’t really have ever been that small. Of course, she was though. While I am so protective over Erin in certain circumstances but I have always encouraged her to be independent and strong willed. She is nearly 2 and the most strong willed little girl I have ever known. She will not let you

The Importance of Fireplace Safety

You may have seen a few weeks ago some awful pictures of Erin. You see, she took a bit of a tumble and hit her head on our very hard, stone fireplace. She ended up with a pretty big hole in her forehead, blood everywhere and a very panicked and scared Mummy! I stupidly didn’t really research enough about safety options for this when it came to toddler proofing the house. I think I pretty much covered everything else with safety locks and having furniture attached to the wall etc. but I didn’t sort out the fireplace. Obviously we have

999 What’s Your Emergency?

Earlier this month Erin took a nasty fall and really hurt her head, resulting in a call to 999 and me being extremely scared. After I posted a couple of pictures to Facebook I had one pretty crappy comment, which I honestly wasn’t expecting. I didn’t post the photos to ask for sympathy but instead to show what Erin had done and how. Anyway, the comment said ‘I thought ambulances were for life-threatening emergencies?‘ I thought I would write a post about calling 999 and why other parents had done in the past. The comment really annoyed me because I