Product review: Fill n Squeeze

Now that Erin is weaning I quickly realised how awkward it could be to feed her while we’re out and about. Having to mix up baby rice/ add in little pots of purees was annoying as hell and I really couldn’t be bothered with it. However, I also didn’t want to spend the money on pre-made pouches every time we went out. I had seen a few different companies offering a way to make your own pouches at home and I finally decided to buy from Fill n Squeeze. Fill n Squeeze products are available

Review: Chicco Polly Magic High Chair

Being so small Erin did not fit into a high chair very well. They all looked way too big for her and I was always worried that she wouldn’t be secure enough. After a lot of research I came across the Chicco Polly Magic Highchair which, unlike others, stated that it was suitable from birth instead of 6 months. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one for us and I had to have it. Price and availability Up until now I have been quite frugal when it comes to shopping

The new weaning routine

A couple of weeks ago I thought I had Erin’s routine down. Then she started weaning and absolutely everything changed. Something I couldn’t have been happier about up until now was the fact that Erin quite happily slept in until 8am or 8:30am. For whatever reason she has now decided that wake up time is somewhere between 6am and 7am. Those kinds of times just don’t exist to me, or I wish they didn’t! As she’s getting up a lot earlier now but wanting to go to bed at the same time I needed to

Weaning: 2 weeks on

Wow. Erin has been eating mush for two whole weeks now. I cannot believe just how quickly that has gone. Although I was extremely over-prepared (as I am for most things) I was terrified that Erin would maybe not like food yet, would maybe choke and have a bad experience or maybe just spit it at me. I knew at 17 weeks Erin was younger than what HV’s recommend but I desperately wanted her reflux to get better! Anyway, I needn’t have worried at all. Erin absolutely loves food. It doesn’t seem to matter what

Let the weaning adventure commence

Today will be the day that Erin tries some real food for the first time! How exciting… and slightly scary. Although health visitors and doctors generally advise you to start weaning from 6 months there are cases where the child may benefit from weaning early. In our case, Erin has reflux and our health visitor thinks that early weaning may help to line Erin’s stomach better. Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy getting to grips with our steamer and blender and I’ve got a whole drawer full of purees in the