Celebrating Shakespeare Day

AD | Gifted items Back when I was at university studying English I took a whole module about Shakespeare. Why I picked it at the time I have no idea. I think I thought I could get by watching some films and BBC adaptations but that really wasn’t the case at all. Regardless of how I did in that module (not that well) Shakespeare is such an important part of our literary history and his works are still taught and used for so many different things today. Recently Viking sent us a wonderful box of products and challenged us to

Picture Book Preview – June

We’re a big book loving family and Erin has got a fantastic library of her own already. Every now and again we’re going to show you some of the books we have been reading lately. Today I’m showing three different books which have dogs as a main subject. Erin has a big thing about saying ‘woof’ at the moment and Paw Patrol is her favourite cartoon. She gets so excited reading these books and constantly says ‘woof’ while we’re reading them. If your little one is a fan of dogs, or just animals, these are great picks! Kiki and Bobo’s Sunny Day