Erin 14 month update!

Wow. Where did February go? I can’t believe it’s March already and Erin is 14 months old already. Here’s how she’s been doing over the last month. Movement Last month Erin really learned how to walk/ Since then, she hasn’t stopped. She runs around like a little maniac now. She’s very independent and is quite happy to run around the house on her own and doesn’t like it if you hover over her. Not only is Erin running around but she’s climbing as well. The other week I went for a wee (our toilet is under the stairs) and left

Erin’s One Year Update!

It was Erin’s birthday a week ago and I realised that I haven’t done an update about her for quite some time now. She’s one so I feel like there’s a lot she can do now that she couldn’t before. Movement Over the past month or so Erin has decided that she can move around in loads of different ways. I honestly thought that Erin would skip crawling. She doesn’t crawl properly but she does this strange kind of zombie crawl, with one leg underneath her. She has also taken her first steps recently and does a couple every day on her

Missing Milestones

As Erin was born premature I thought she would be behind on milestones for a long time. It turns out that I needn’t have worried. Not really anyway. Erin has been cruising along nicely and hitting every milestone so far… even the non-sleeping ones! In comparison to her peers, Erin has been doing things at roughly the same time and some things a bit earlier. I think that’s really good going especially considering HVs still class her as being 3 weeks younger than she actually is. The thing that has me curious at the minute is crawling. I think Erin