Flying With A Toddler For The First Time

Just a few short weeks ago we went on our first family holiday to Majorca. Having not been abroad with a child before we really didn’t know what to expect from Erin when it came to her first flight. I tried to prepare as much as possible but everything could have gone completely wrong and nothing I’d planned could have worked. Before our holiday we tried to tell Erin would would happen on a regular basis even if we thought she wouldn’t remember or wouldn’t understand. I don’t think Erin really understand until we got to the airport hotel the

How To Cope With Flight Delays

Ever since I went on my first proper holiday abroad for my 18th birthday I have had the travel bug. There aren’t many years since then that I haven’t managed to go away somewhere. Over the past 13 years I have been to some fantastic places including Toronto, New York, Orlando and Rome, just to name a few.¬†Unfortunately, travelling doesn’t always go to plan and sometimes there are alterations, delays and cancellations to deal with. A couple of years ago, when John and I went to New York while I was pregnant, we had a very fun but exhausting holiday.